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Tentacruel/Shedinja Fusion Sprite: 'Cruelty'

by Toru

Toru Alrighty, I squeezed a lot more effort into this one, in case that wasn't obvious! I really like how it's turned out.

I've always liked Shedinja. The concept of a Pokemon which can supposedly suck up souls from someone looking into their backs was spooky and cool for me when I first saw the Pokemon; with this sprite, I had a 'What If' idea of the spirits of Shedinjas breaking free from their Ninjask shells and silently taking over other Pokemon, shaping them to their own liking.

Here, Shedinja has taken over a Tentacruel, stripping it of it's life and turning it into a levitating cask - the colour and life from the red gem-like orbs on its head drained - a mysterious eye in its centre giving it new vision, with a new purpose to scout and defend for the swarm of parasitic Shedinja.

Which I guess you could say is kinda like 'Cruelty', buh-dum-chh.
  1. Karu
    Loving this as a big Shedinja fan!
    Feb 1, 2014
  2. Dark Soul
    Dark Soul
    Good job, Toby! It looks very cool, and I like that you fit the lore of Shedinja into it in an almost gruesome way.
    Jan 3, 2014