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Ten Year Anniversary

by Shocari

Five days late in posting this, so forgive me.

Ten years(yes, 10!) is a long time. That's over half the time some of you have been alive, a bit under half for me, but a long time still. I joined this site back when I was 15, and I don't even know where to begin. I want to say there were several tens of thousands of members, maybe even a hundred thousand; I honestly don't remember. I remember coming across Pokecharms when looking for trainer cards - not to make them, actually - but to see different designs to draw inspiriation from for use in my own Pokemon story.

Then I came across the forums. I had never been on an online forum before, but the structure of the boards made it clear how they worked. I browsed through them, skimming mostly, but then I wandered into what was then the fiction board. I hadn't read much fanfiction either, so I was blown away by the amount of writing present and the passion put into eaach piece. Immediately, I was inspired to join.

Those that were here probably remember, so for those that don't: my writing was... well, something. I never identified as an emo or edgy person, but looking back on those early writings it was very apparent that I was. Main OC was all about those Dark-type Pokemon, anti-hero style character with similar motivations. I'm not gonna go into the poetry.

I remember my first experiences in the chat when it was a little irc program. I'll never forget all of the insane moments that transpired within, nor all of the wonderful friends I've been able to make here through that.

I remember the excitement every time there was a new look for the forums. I remember when we had to start over almost completely from scratch. I love seeing the large, wonderful community that was and still is present here. There are many people that aren't active anymore that I miss, but the past few years have taught me that while life does get in the way, there's always going to be a time for them to come back someday. And maybe they have and I've just missed them while I was gone. And that's totally okay.

Pokecharms has given me so much in the last ten years, and I'm so grateful for all of it. I think I'm a different and better person now because of the time I've spent here. Ten years isn't much compared to some of the older members, who are on fifteen years for a few of them.

I love Pokecharms with all my heart, and I'm ready to come back for more.
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