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Take Flight, Kamen Rider Flyguardian!

by Dinova

Dinova As Dai-Shocker's forces attempt to spread their evil reign over the Unova region, an unshakeable hero will appear to stand in their way. With the blistering speed of a desert wind, he will bring justice down upon all those that prey on the weak! The fierce defender of justice! Take flight, Kamen Rider Flyguardian!

This is what happens when I go shiny hunting while watching old Kamen rider episodes...

Anyway, here is my presentation of Kamen Rider Flyguardian! I tried to capture the delicious amounts of cheese from Showa era Kamen Rider shows, and make a pokemon version. Hopefully it comes through.
Lacunosa town was quiet this time of year. Aside from a few orange leaves falling from the trees, there was little going on. There were a few people walking around, doing their daily business, but that was it. The town was pretty sleepy, otherwise. It was an utterly peaceful day and that was just fine for Jack. He was in Lacunosa visiting his grandma and secretly, he was hoping to get some down time as well. His new “job” had been running him ragged and relaxing at Gran’s house was exactly what he needed. His ADHD partner, a Flygon named Ventus, thought differently and was anxiously doing laps around the town to keep entertained.

In the meantime, Jack had fallen asleep on the lounge chair on his grandma’s roof. His tea sat, partially full, on the table next to the chair. His grandma came up, bringing a tray of cookies, only to find Jack snoring away. She shook her head and walked over to him. She put the tray down, placed her hand on his shoulder and gave it a gentle shake.

“Jack? Jack? Jack dear, wake up.” She said softly, her voice tinged with concern.

Jack snorted as he awoke. “Huhwuh- Oh, hi Gran. I guess I dozed off, huh?”

She gave Jack a hard look. “They are working you too hard at that new job. The Scale needs to realize you can’t work if you’re dead to the world. I mean when was the last time you got a good night’s sleep, Jack?”

Jack had been recently hired as a reporter for the Opelucid Scale. He had been covering the attacks by a new criminal organization in Unova. Even though he and Ventus had been flying all over Unova, it was a pretty tame job. There were other sources for Jack’s exhaustion. He smiled and said, “Well, crime doesn’t sleep, so I can’t either.” He sat up and stretched, unwrinkling the black windbreaker he was wearing and continued, “Besides, there’ll be plenty of time for rest when I’m dead.”

“Well, keep going at this pace and that won’t be too far off!!” She retorted, her voice rising an octave.

Jack smiled apologetically and replied, “It’s ok, Gran. That’s why I came here. I needed a break so I came for a visit. I plan to do nothing related to work.”

Gran’s expression softened a bit. “Good. I think you really need to-” she began before she was interrupted by a massive explosion.

The blast had come from the western entrance to town, so it was relatively nearby. Jack could see smoke and flames rising from where the explosion had occurred. He also heard a familiar sound off in the distance, something like, ‘Gee gee gee!’

Jack couldn’t believe it. This was happening right here, right now? Was his luck that bad? Jack muttered to himself, “Or you know, I can bring work with me…” Out loud he said, “Gran, get inside!”

“Jack, you get inside too! It’s-”

“My Job.” Jack finished. He gave a sharp whistle for Ventus, who appeared just below the roof’s edge. He jumped onto the Flygon’s back and turned to his grandma, “Gran please get inside, Ven and I will be safe. We always are.” Ventus flew off towards the explosion before Gran got a chance to object.

Just as Jack had feared, it was the criminal organization he’d been following, Dai-Shocker. A small group of 9 men in full-body, black suits with skull-like faces marched down the street, making their trademark, ‘Gee gee!’ battle cry. The one in the lead was waving a massive, red flag emblazoned with Dai-Shocker’s symbol, a black Zapdos with an angular “S” between its talons. Behind the black clothed mooks, was a large creature. It looked like a deformed, bipedal Salamence that had been left in the sun too long. That was probably their general. It was crying, “Onward, for the glory of Dai-Shocker!”

Before the forces of Dai-Shocker, people fled in every direction. Jack couldn’t blame them, he knew what happened if anyone was actually caught by them. Jack directed Ven to an alley and they dove inside. It would be a perfect vantage point to spy on Dai-Shocker and get information, but that wasn’t why they were here. As they landed, Jack unzipped his windbreaker, revealing the belt he was wearing. The only notable thing about it was the buckle. It was a large green oval with three crimson gears in the center. Jack placed a hand on the buckle and turned to Ventus, asking, “You ready, buddy?”

Ventus nodded his head and looked towards where Dai-Shocker was advancing, a fiery look in his eyes. Jack nodded, and cried out, “HENSHIN!!”


The Dai-Shocker troops advanced through Lacunosa with no resistance. An easy victory for the glory of Shocker! As another group scattered before them, a child fell before them. The mother ran and held the child to herself trying to shield him. It was a useless gesture, but helpful nonetheless. The general motioned towards the pair and commanded, “Take them, for the glory of Dai-Shocker!” A few of the mooks rushed forward, making for the mother and child. She clutched her son and screamed for help.

A strong voice from somewhere above commanded, “Stop!!” The mooks, in surprise, stopped and looked up at where the voice had come from. Precariously standing atop a streetlight was a lone figure. He stood with his arms crossed over his chest, smiling confidently. His face was hidden behind a pair of red, dome-shaped goggles. His clothes were a light green jacket with rings of darker green running down the sleeves, a red t-shirt and light green pants. He also wore a pair of green fingerless gloves trimmed in dark green and a massive scarf. The scarf easily reached to his feet and was shaped like a pair of green diamonds, trimmed in red.

“A cry for help has been carried to my ears on a blistering wind! I appear to stamp out the evil that would cause it!” The figure declared. As the mooks were distracted by the figure, a Flygon dove down and whisked the mother and child away, carrying them to a safe distance.

Realizing that they had been tricked, the general growled and pointed at the figure, “You! I know you! You are that whelp who’s been attempting to stall Dai-Shocker’s advance, Flyguardian!”

Flyguardian smirked as his reputation clearly preceded him. He bowed and said, “Happy to do so! It will always be my pleasure to shatter Dai-Shocker’s plans!”

The general continued, “No more! We will end you today! Attack! Kill him now!” At the general’s command, the mooks rushed towards the streetlight where Flyguardian stood. Flyguardian jumped down at the mooks. He drove a kick into the lead mook’s chest, springing back and landing before the others. As the mook’s rushed at him, ignoring their fallen comrade, Flyguardian smiled. This was way too easy. The first mook that rushed at him was despatched with a tremendous punch to the mid-section, the second one had the first launched at him like a living projectile. The last few had gotten smart and advanced slowly as a group, but as they began to circle and approach Flyguardian, the Flygon returned.

The Flygon swooped down, smashing its tail into three of the remaining mooks and sent them flying. The last three decided to chance it and leapt at Flyguardian. Flyguardian was ready, though. He leapt at the mooks, attacking the middle one with an uppercut. Then he spun in mid air, despatching the last two with a spinning kick.

Flyguardian landed and faced the general, who was seething from his troops’ defeat. He ran at Fyguardian swing his claws at him. Flyguardian stayed ahead of the claws, dodging each swing. Between swipes, he smirked and said, “Y’know, I’m more than willing to let you run back to Dai-Shocker with your tail between your legs.”

The general just growled and screamed, “NEVER! I’m a general of the glorious Dai-Shocker! I will not be defeated by the likes of you! Just who do you think you are to stand against the almighty strength of Dai-Shocker!”

Between swipes, Flyguardian slammed a fist into the general’s mid-section, stunning him. He scoffed and said, “That’s obvious isn’t it? I am the desert storm that justice calls to blow you away!” He pulled back another fist and let fly, this time knocking the general into the air. His Flygon swooped down and catapulted Flyguardian into the air. As he sailed through the air, even higher than the general, he cried, “I am the Hero of Justice! Kamen Rider, Flyguardian!” As he reached the top of his arc, he flipped in mid-air and aimed a dive kick at the general. As he plummeted towards the general, he shouted, “RIDER KICK!!!!”

Flyguardian slammed into the general, his attack making them careen towards the ground. When they collided with the earth, there was a brilliant explosion and the general was no more as Flyguardian stood, unharmed. The mooks also exploded as their cyborg leader was destroyed.

Flyguardian whistled for his Flygon, and the pokemon descended, allowing his partner to ride on his back. Flyguardian jumped on to his partner’s back and patted the Flygon’s neck. “Come on,Ven. Let’s head home. Gran’s probably worried sick.” As they took off Flyguardian added, “Besides, I fully intend to have my day off."
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