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The adventurers of Warriorsville: Swords and Dungeons part 8

by Scrafty

Scrafty They get to fight the UK challenger on their next fight.
In the morning.
Lucas: I am going to get some breakfast.
Don: I will come with you.
Lucas: Why did you scream at night.
Don: Nightmare!!!!:-O
Lucas: What happend.
Don: I am not telling you!
Lucas: Why?:?
At the first mission.
Moren: We are going to Leeds in the UK.
Don: Ok.
On the plane...
Don: I have a weird feeling.
Lucas: Oh! Get a grip!:@
Don: You don't get it.
Jacub: I think the UK copied our language and changed it a little?:@
Moren: I don't think so.
At Leeds...
Don: IT IS JOSEPH!!!!!!!!!!
Moren: Let's Defeat the enemy.
Don: No!! Don't say that!!! He is tricking you. He is setting a trap for revenge!
Moren: What is Donny talking about yo.
Don: The UK kid who went to the camp. He stole the card from a guy in Michigan. Me and Lucas state. Don't help him.
Moren: Shut up Don. We will save anyone and leave no harm.
Don: I swear it is a trap. He said he was going to trick us. It is payback.
Moren: I am going to save him.
Jacub: I staying with Don. He has a good responsibility and he is a kind gentleman.
Don: Thank you for that compliment Jacub.
Sally: I am staying on his side 100 percent yah.
Lucas: :(Sigh... Fine I am Don's side but you better not trick us.
Don: I swear I a not.
Moren: I am not believing this moron.
Joseph: Help!!!!
Moren: I will save you!
Hits the enemy.
Moren: Huh. It is a dummy. I was tricked.
Joseph: You are captured and taken to my jail in my fancy jail.
Moren: I hate these english people with these fancy tea stuff why cant they be rad with sunglasses like the damn good Americans.
Joseph: Heh.
Don: I am right be hind ya. I am going to use a new move I was saving for the next time we meet. Wing Saber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joseph: OWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;_;;_; What da heck you poisonious slabhammer.
Don: I have loads of power in me!!!! You think I am weak!>=O>=O>=O
Joseph:No sorry man geez!!!!
Don: Don't ever do that again!
Joseph: Pays 50 dollars. I am sorry. This all the dollars I had in America.
Back at camp.
Lucas: I feel sorry. It felt like my own word country racism yo. And that is bad bro. Bad in a bad way. I feel sorry for him a little but I still hate him for tricking us.
Don: I know, I know!!!;)
This is the end of this part. There is more to go.
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