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Stat Stadium: Stat Stadium 75 likes Special

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox J vs. SB.... Land vs. Water..... Blonde vs. Yellow.....
Bolt: Over the years of cartoons, there have been many popular ones... Screwball: I've been waiting for this one! SpongeBob, the underwater karate master! Kinda.... Bolt: And Johnny Test, the flaming haired lab rat. Screwball: He's Bolt and I'm Screwball! Bolt: And it's are job to analyze their weapons, armors and skills to see who would win a Stadium Match... SpongeBob- Bolt: SpongeBob is a 14 year old sea sponge with a IQ of 123. Which is surprising considering he can't tell the difference between a Crab an a Robot. Screwball: SpongeBob is a karate student, is very athletic, and pretty much invincible. He was ripped in two and he was fine! Bolt: True, but SpongeBob isn't very strong in the muscle area. He has a hard time picking up stuffed animals. Screwball: And other times, he's smashing through walls and rocks like no problem. Must be the toon force. Bolt: Speaking of the toon force, SpongeBob can practically teleport. That, or he's just that fast. Screwball: SpongeBob, he can really move! SpongeBob, he's got an attitude! SpongeBob, he's the fastest thing alive!!!! Bolt: However, SpongeBob does have weaknesses. SpongeBob is a bit of a coward, can be hurt on the butt when hit hard enough, and is very clumsy. Screwball: Nonetheless, SpongeBob is what caused God to laugh! SpongeBob: I'll have you know I'm a master in karate! Hyah! Johnny Test- Bolt: Johnny is a flame headed 12 year old lab rat to his two scientist sisters. Screwball: Johnny is horrible at everything he does. School, Sports, hell, even cooking! Bolt: Johnny always has always relied on his sister's gadgets to help him. Now, he is a master dancer, fighter and can turn into Johnny X. Screwball: Johnny X has a number of abilities. He can become any animal, has super strength, as well as super speed. He can create tornadoes, has laser eyes, and can fart fire.....OK....Bolt: But, Johnny has many weak points too. He is also clumsy, idiotic, weak, arrogant and very rash. Screwball: Still, Johnny Test is the Johnny Best. Bolt: Really?- Bolt: Alright. the combatants are set! Let's end this debate once and for all! Screwball: It's time for a Stadium Match!!!!!! - SpongeBob was taking a walk on the surface world. It had been a while since he had been up there, but he enjoyed it. He spotted a flame nearby, and panicked. SpongeBob sprayed water on the flame, only to discover it was a boy with flaming yellow and red hair. Johnny walked up to SpongeBob and growled. "What kind of mutant freak are you, spraying water on my head?!" He asked, angry. "I'm SpongeBob SquarePants, and I don't think I'm a mutant, I'm just a sponge!" SpongeBob explained. Johnny ignored him and pulled out a laser gun. Fight! Johnny fired his laser, and it went right through SpongeBob. SpongeBob just looked up and laughed. "Listen, you obviously can't hurt me, so let's just move along with our days!" Johnny thought the sponge was mocking him, so he kicked him twice, sending SpongeBob back a little. SpongeBob got up and decided to play along with the kid for a while. SpongeBob jumped up and kicked the boy back twice, then dashed around him and karate chopped him into a wall. Johnny got up and transformed into Johnny X. X powerpooted on Spongebob, who cough a bit. SpongeBob bounced I the air and dived back down at full power, sending Johnny into a hole. SpongeBob sat down and blew a bubble until Johnny was up again. He blew the bubble at Johnny and pushed him up into the air. He then Smashed the bubble and sent Johnny down into another hole. Johnny got up and punched SpongeBob, who ran way before the Boy could cause any more damage. Johnny got up, while SpongeBob just chuckled. "How about we talk about some of the things we like to do? I'll start! Let's see, I love my job, which is working at the Krusty Krab! I'm a fry cook, and I make the most delicious food in the whole universe! It's called a krabby patty! Would you like me too make you one?" Johnny's head fumed dark red, and he barked at the friendly sponge. "Listen, Butt Face! I don't want any of you're stupid Patties! They probably taste like crap! I just want you dead!" SpongeBob had stopped listening after he heard, "They probably taste like crap!". Nobody insults Krabby Patties. Except Squidward. SpongeBob turned deep and fiery red, then blew a huge bubble, one the size of a tank. Wait, it was a tank. Johnny realized this, and ran away quickly, but was caught by the bubble trap. Just as Johnny got up, SpongeBob floated up in the air and he was now wearing a wizard costume. SpongeBob was now wielding a electric guitar, which was glowing. SpongeBob played it, and laser blasts came out of it, which hit Johnny Test. SpongeBob continued this until Johnny was burned ashes. KO! Bolt: Well, tat was expected. Screwball: SpongeBob had the upper hand from the beginning, but Johnny's weapons kept him at bay. Bolt: Yes, but SpongeBob's speed and strength were more then enough to take down Johnny. Screwball: Looks like Johnny got rocked! Bolt: The winner is SpongeBob. Next time on Death Battle!... King Dedede walked up a pile of trash, then puffed out his chest. Next, a shadow of a plump alligator jumps out of water.
  1. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    I was just assuming, but he's most likely a teenager.
    Oct 30, 2014
  2. AzureEdge
    Spongebob isn't really, 14, sorry to burst your bubble.
    Anyway, nice job!
    Oct 30, 2014