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Spiritual Love

by Atlas Uxie

Atlas Uxie Pokestar Studio's Love and Battles 1,2,3 in real life(sort of.) Pokemon is owned by Nintendo.
"We're almost there, Rubi!"

Every year, I hike to Giant Chasm and watch the elegant snow fall into the, well, chasm. Whenever we go on the region-wide trip, I lose all depression and misery I contract in school and feel blows of excitement and giddiness instead. That reminded me of Snowpoint City's Diamond Dust, and I still miss my home even if the new region has an equivalent. The last possession I have as a memory is my female Sneasel Rubi.

But most of all, I miss Drake, my best friend. He loves Dragon types and I loved Ice types, but I always lost to his Gible, Fang. Every time I saw him, I tried to tell him I loved him, but I'd freeze up and go speechless.

Holding Rubi's claw, I trudged up the hill and looked out to the frost-covered trees and blanketed ground. A small breeze combed through my hair, but instead of it flowing gracefully, my hair feels as if it's being pulled.

"Ella, how nice to see you still living." a voice whispered, and manifesting before me was Drake, my best friend and the love of my life.

"Drake! What happened to you?!" I asked with agony capturing my heart.

"An accident happened, that's all. Ella, before you left, I wanted to profess my love to you, but you left before I had the chance..." Drake's voice trailed off,and his apparition was fading away.

"No! I won't let you leave me!" I cried, and with great bravery, I jumped off the top of the hill with Rubi's claw clenched in my hand so that I can be with the one I love. It was true. Love is a dangerous thing. Now, it doesn't matter. Drake and I were together as we hoped, and I couldn't be happier.
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  1. ShinyKawaiiBulbasaur
    This is such a cute story! I loved it! You should make more stories. ;_; I have so many feels.
    Oct 31, 2013