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Spam Wars!

by Sy Kage

Sy Kage When two internet-dwelling people decide on a duel, they start an unusual way of battling. But what's really happening? Based on a true story...
"You ready to battle?" Kage asked Sy, his neon katana in hand, pointed at his opponent.
"Not exactly," said Sy, grabbing his staff from the ground. "We need some music!"
"What do you mean? I'm listening to Lugia's Song." Kage took an earplug out from under his shaggy hair, holding it up for Sy to see.
"What about some Lugia's Song dubstep?!" asked Sy, as a jukebox fell from somewhere in the clouds. Pressing the button, the song started playing.
"Alright," said Kage shaking his head. "What are we doing?"
"SPAM WARS!" a voice echoed.
"Oh yea," said the two, scratching their heads. Come to think of it, they had agreed on having a spam war a long time ago.

"Ready?" the Flareon watching the suddenly-existent stage said.
"How did you get here, exactly?" Sy asked, playing around with his staff.
"I have...no idea." The Flareon suddenly disappeared, vapor flying around where it had once been.

"Ready?" asked the Zoroark sitting on the suddenly-existent cover of the stage.
"How did you get here, exactly?" Kage asked, holding his katana just above the ground.
"I don't know!" The Zoroark jumped off the roof into the tall grass surrounding the stage.

"Let's...start?" Kage said.
"Good idea," said Sy as the song came flying out of the jukebox beside him.

Kage: fafga
Sy: awafrgeges
Kage: AJLjfksmwelD
Sy: MefsjfgoejJNFOWJ
Kage: ISWngnwsaoefjngeoane
Sy: SMglgmeFm
Kage: hs
Sy: dj
Kage: BF
Sy: Skivgnskngve
Kage: mfakfnwFHS
Sy: mf

Sy sat in front of the computer, smashing the keyboard. Kage had declared a spam war, so they had started one. Google Chrome was open behind Skype, YouTube open. Open in YouTube was 'Lugia's Song Dubstep'.
"This is getting boring..." Sy muttered, slowing down his rate of typing.

Sy: I quit.

Closing his computer, Sy walked out of the room to get a drink.
"Kids these days, I'll tell you what," he muttered before gulping down his drink.

Kage: I win!

True story, bro.
  1. Green Dragon
    Green Dragon
    Watermelon indeed.
    Nov 16, 2014
    Sy Kage likes this.
  2. Fuffy The Eevee
    Apr 29, 2014
  3. Da Freezah
    Da Freezah
    There's a word for this.....
    Apr 8, 2014
    MarethyuX12 and Sy Kage like this.
  4. Triple fighter
    Triple fighter
    As strange as it was for some reason I enjoyed it, in a way.
    Apr 5, 2014