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Poetry Book: Shot

by Belladonna Valkyrie

Belladonna Valkyrie A poem about how I feel when I can't reach my expectations.
Shot in the head.
Once again.
Can't seem to avoid it.
I'd like to live a bit.

But I keep dying,
I get brought up high
Just to fall from the sky.

Perfection is unobtainable,
And yet it's what I need.
I don't know why I get
So affected. It's like a debt.

I can never repay.
Never earn enough
To pay it back in full.
Life is such a handful.

Shot in the head,
With my own bullet.
Everytime, the fault my own.
Bullet flies through any bone.
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  1. Necko Neko
    Necko Neko
    *takes away the nerf gun and just hugs you*
    Feb 19, 2016
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