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Pokemon Stories: Shattering Heights

by CloudLine64

CloudLine64 About my Charizard,Smoke.
Smoke looked up at the pokemon flying up in the sky,huffing a long black puff of smoke from his nose.If only he could fly with them,but he was too scared.Some would scoff,or even laugh,at the idea of a great,mighty,Charizard frightened by air itself.No,to Smoke,it looked like that one storm.The storm that struck him down in the middle of a battle.It was him against a tiny Raichu,only standing at 3 foot 8".Smoke was ready for anything to protect his territory.Anything but cheating,for out of the sky a bolt was able to strike Smoke's wing,making him crash down from a 350 foot drop.When Cloud heard this,she ran out with her backpack,the 19 year old found Smoke laying on the ground,a small Raichu running away.Cloud rushed to Smoke's side,trying to heal the charred spot on Smoke's wing.
As Smoke rose up,Cloud asked her Charizard if he could fly.He flapped his wing,only able to get seconds of air before falling.Cloud and Smoke walked back,Smoke now deprived of his pride.When the got home,he sat in the caring shelter,a small place built for wounded pokemon.He sat there,thinking of the gigantic clouds of gray roaring,laughing at his failure to defeat such a little pokemon.He now looked at the sky,the lightning bolts jolting like fingers being rapidly pointed to him,the thunder sounding like the laughter,and the shapes of the clouds looking like faces of pokemon smiling.But,they were smiling because he had not completed his goal,laughing because Smoke's "hilarious" act,and pointing fingers to make him stand out and laughed at more.
The heavy rain soon came,and what he saw next,in the crowd of "laughter",was a sad face.The face of the cloud represented,well...Cloud.His own trainer crying tears of failure,the rain denying any part of happiness in her.Smoke had been told that people can cry of happiness,but he knew there was no happiness in her.The rest of the evening(and night),Smoke laid there,closed eyes and a mixture of steam and tears,feeling nothing but guilt and non-fulfillment.
When Cloud returned in the morning,she saw Smoke laying there crying.
"What's wrong Smoke?"she questioned,Smoke looked at her,and then put his hands over his eyes.Cloud tilted her head,wondering why he would do that,she then regained the memory of Smoke being defeated by that Raichu.She went over to Smoke,plopped down the food bowl she had in her hands,and started dancing.Smoke peeked to see his trainer acting funny,she was...dancing.But,she was dancing really awkwardly,embarrassing herself in front of him.Though,she didn't care,she was having fun doing it,and honestly,Smoke wanted to join.When Cloud saw Smoke's eyes hungry for excitement,she grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the shelter.All of a sudden,the big Charizard started stomping around,dancing as fast as he could.
He eyed Cloud stomping her feet,acting like him,but in a funny matter,he didn't care if it looked like she was insulting him.He loved how her funniness shined through even on his worst days.Smoke now glanced at the bright sky,the sun was shining,and a Pidgeot had just flew down to a branch for a rest.Smoke now knew what to do,fly.He opened his wings and took off.He looked around,the large clouds,the other pokemon,and the ground being not to close to him.Though,he never cared,in fact,he went higher!The wind now howled off his wings,the cool air blowing in his face.
Smoke now did loop-de-loops,barrel rolls,and other tricks.He roared with happiness!As he enjoyed the new love of heights,a 21 year old woman watched,smiling,enjoying seeing her own Charizard very merry.Cloud chuckled,waiting for her pokemon to get tired,because she cared about him,every single flight he took.