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Ennen Creatures: Set 20

by NonAnalogue

ennen creatures 20.png
NonAnalogue The hourglass figure was a product of the mage Varner the Oblivious. Varner was a mage who specialized in making trinkets and also in body alteration, and when his wife made a request of him, he drastically misunderstood. The figure escaped when his wife threw it out the window. Element: surprise

The blast pig is a creature bred for livestock in Ennen, mostly in damp areas where stray sparks won't set anything on fire. Blast pigs are temperamental and can set themselves off easily, but are nonetheless very intelligent by non-sentient creature standards. Their tail shows their lifespan; the shorter the tail, the older the pig. One popular food item made from blast pigs is blastbacon, which is cooked over an open flame until it pops, like popcorn. Element: blast

The mysterious skull is one of Ennen's more enigmatic creatures. Many assume that it's just a Ghost inhabiting a Magic skull, but this has never been proven conclusively, leaving the idea in the realms of Fantasy. It is well-known for singing an Amazing, Beautiful song that, nevertheless, with Every Note leaves any listeners Paralyzed and Brainsick. Researchers have sunk a lot of Money into finding out why listeners are Hellbent on listening to it Forever, making it priority Number 1, but The Future of their research doesn't look bright, as they can't comprehend the true form of its attack. Elements: sound, wind
  1. NonAnalogue
    @HawkZ That was absolutely intentional.
    Dec 11, 2015
  2. Renimo
    The third one reminds me of Giygas
    Dec 10, 2015