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TPA: Scott

by CloudLine64

CloudLine64 Chapter 5
Sorry about the mix up,Chapter 4's next. -->
Taylor ran into a forest,he felt a little weak from the fall.He lightly touched the stitches on the back of his head.They hurt when he pressed on it.All of a sudden,a tree plopped right in front of Taylor,almost falling on his head.
"Phew-that would've been close!"Taylor exclaimed,
"Is anybody there?Are you okay?!Did the tree fall on you?!"a young man ran out with a little Beavler beside him.
"Sorry,young man!William gets carried away sometimes!"he said.
Taylor nodded and said,
"Well...I was going to use this path to get to Toparian City,but it looks like it's blocked."he looked at the fallen tree.
"Hey!We're going to that city too!You look like a strong trainer,could you help us?!"the boy had a blue,thin,striped shirt on with some ripped up jeans that were a forest green color.His little Beavler had a belt with Pokeballs on them,it handed it's trainer a backpack.
"Thank ya very kindly William!Me and William had been together for 7 years!Well,if we're going to the City,we might as well start with names.The name's Scott,yours?"
"Taylor."Taylor timidly said.
"Well,shoot Taylor!Since the tree is blockin' our way,my bad,there HAS to be another way out!"
"Wait!So,you don't know where we're going?!But how are we supposed to survive here?!We could end up fain-"Scott put his hand over Taylor's,he dragged Taylor down a dark path.
"Mrph!Mrm mm mrm!(Hey!Let me go!)"Taylor muffled,
"Shh..."Scott hushed.His voice was very quiet,
"Wild herd up ahead,keep the voices low."he quietly ordered.
Could Taylor trust him?Could it be a trap?!What if Scott's leading him somewhere to danger?!Taylor kicked and squirmed as much as he could,but had no success,the Beavler looked at him angerly and slapped Taylor to sleep.Things went black.
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  1. AzureEdge
    Woah, she kinda just recovered from a concussion a while ago...
    A black out... Again!
    Can't wait for the next chap!!!
    Sep 26, 2014
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