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Ultimate Fists!: Royal Rumble

by Hecotoro

Hecotoro The Ultimate Fists gather for the first time.
Iron stood outside the building where he felt the strong auras fighting. He watched as a Medicham was fighting an Electivire and an Infernape was about to join in. He figured this was your typical bar fight he heard so much about and decided to prove himself in it. Iron jumped through the broken window. As soon as he landed the other three fighters stopped and looked at him. The Medicham seemed more interested in him than the other two.

¨The more the better!¨ Raito yelled as he lunged himself towards Blaze. He fired several thunderpunches and Blaze dodged them all, then he tried his firepunches, but Raito dodged them.

Iron took a fighting stance and faced Maya. The Medicham hesitated and took the same pose. Iron was thrown off by her having the same pose, but attacked anyways. Both Pokemon collided, their strength and speed equal. They exchanged blows several times, until Iron´s taking began to overpower Maya. Therefore, she switched to her force palm technique an the battle was equal again.

Blaze had Raito against a wall, firing an overwhelming amount of mach punches. Raito roared and sent out a discharge, sending everyone flying to the ground. His laughter was heard all over. ¨That´s my bad!¨ He said out loud.

The four fighters stopped and looked around, they had made a complete mess of the place. Raito walked over to the Gothorita. ¨Sorry about this little one, you should leave. I don´t see that nasty green Pokemon around.¨
The Gothorita shook Raito´s hand and left the building.

Blaze clapped his palms. ¨Good! He has a heart! Let´s go end this somewhere else! You two are coming also! I want to fight you all!¨
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  1. Hecotoro
    Aug 6, 2019
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  2. RenzFlintrock
    I’m really enjoying this series. However, I am unclear what species Iron is. My guess would be Lucario?

    EDIT: OOF. I just realized I missed the first few chapters... but my guess was correct!
    Aug 6, 2019
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