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Pokemon Daria's Adventures: Route 101 Encounter

by JC111414

JC111414 Daria has finally left the 'shell' and has become a trainer, ready to go anywhere she can, her dreams are soon to be reveal
There I was, a 10 year old girl. Beautiful light blue long hair, wearing a half body pink shirt with a red bow holding it. A cute small dark green skirt, Long brown socks, with Blue and light blue stripes sneakers. I had a Pink and Brown hat pointing forward, with a dark purple backpack with five pokeballs and the Dex was in a small tiny backpack in my waist. I was ready and began walking to Route 101. I soon saw Kenta battling Hugh in plain field. "Cyndaquil use Ember" Kenta said. "Piplup use Bubble" Hugh said. Cyndaquil's attack wasn't effective but Piplup got the upper hand and Hugh. "Hey" Hugh call out to me and I almost blush. "Yes" I said. "Did you see that battle" Hugh said. "Yeah, you won" I said. "Hey there" A voice came and a old man walk to use. "Are you from Floaroma Town" The old man asked. "Yes, sir" we all said. "I'm not that old" he said. "Anyways, I'm Professor Rodrigo Green or just Prof. Green, I study the behavior of pokemon, that's why I have my partner here" he said showing off a pokemon. I took out Dex.
The Sharp Blade Pokémon
Blades comprise this Pokémon’s entire body. If battling dulls the blades, it sharpens them on stones by the river.

"A Pawniard" Hugh said. "Yeah, I have other pokemon but that's not what I came here for" Prof. Green said. "I came here to give you your new Pokémon Navigator version 5, or PokeNav v.5" Prof. Green said. "Nice" I said taking it. "You see, this product was design by Brendan and Uriel from the New Hoenn Region just south of us" Prof. Green said. "They say is better than any phone or PokeNav version they have ever made back at New Devon in Lil City" Prof. Green. "We can register and call people" Kenta said looking at it. "Sure, it already has a number registered, Brendan, and mine, I also took time to register Prof. Oak's number as well" Prof. Green said. "Let's exchange numbers" I said. "Sure" both Kenta and Hugh agreed and we exchange numbers. "Right, that's the spirit" Prof. Green said. "I see your pokemon, I wanna battle you" Kenta said. "Really, this one is well trained for battles" Prof. Green said. "I don't care" Kenta said. "Besides, your pokemon was just given to you hours ago" Prof. Green said. "How do you know" Hugh asked. "Well, I also work with Prof. Oak sometimes and he told me today was the day three trainers began their journeys today" Prof. Green said. "That's true, but you do know, we have trained, let's go" Kenta hesitated. "Ok, Pawniard are you ready" Prof. Green said. "Paw" Pawniard said nodding a yes. "Ready, Cyndaquil" Kenta asked. "Cyn" Cyndaquil said as he nodded yes as well...