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Rival Brandon would like to snuggle!

by teabut

teabut This was a commission from a good friend who wanted our trainers drawn together!
So I drew them with the baby versions of their starters! :)
This was a $30 commission.

The original can be found on my DeviantART here! Please check it out!
  1. teabut
    @ScoutPug it takes a LOT of practice. I'm still learning how to draw them myself :) If you look at my humans from a year ago (http://fav.me/d73lqjc) you'll see DEFINITE improvement. All it takes is a lot of practice n_n

    And that's really nice, I'll check it out! :)
    May 19, 2015
  2. _Umbreon_
    :'| You draw so well, I mean I'm decent, but I suck at drawing people.
    I suppose that's what pokemon are for, to fill in the cracks, where people have failed...

    :o A spin have you checked out my story yet. I am am still writing it so if you would want your pkmn ranger in it just let me know!!! 8)
    May 19, 2015
  3. teabut
    May 19, 2015
  4. _Umbreon_
    ♥ made my day!!!!
    May 19, 2015
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