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Richard II Halloween Repaint/Costume

by CombuskenBrazil

Richard II, Halloween RepaintCostume.png
CombuskenBrazil Hello people who look my works, first, thank you, second, happy halloween! Today is the famous Halloween, and unfortunately here in Brazil it is not as celebrated, but since this one is an American site, I'll post possibly not one but several works today with the Halloween theme (probably only two), and third, Richard II is my new Gallade for the remakes Pokémon OR/AS, and this name comes from mine! That's right, my name is Richard! Well, not exactly, my name is a derivative of Richard, shall we say, a translation. And, why a Gallade? Because it is one of my favorite Pokemon, besides, he did not look so much like an animal, to a human or more something like that... And that's it... (If you don't understand something, look my name, blah blah blah) Oh, and I almost forgot! I believe that this work is related to the #flashchallenge, so here it is!
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  1. CombuskenBrazil
    (After a few search, this seems to be a American/European site)
    Jan 16, 2015