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Return of Team Rocket: Return of Team Rocket: Chapter Twelve (The Helix and the Dome)

by Fishykarp

Fishykarp Aiden and Amy's teams have been simultaneously attacked by a Kabutops and a Omastar, will they be able to beat the two Pokemon or will the mountain become their tombs?

Phew, it is good to be back.
After two months of literally deciding to write this chapter, adding a few sentences, getting bored and doing something else, I've finally done it! Chapter Twelve of Return of Team Rocket is here ladies and gentlemen!

One thing I did notice, I basically made Amy a Mary Sue with a Pikachu. I'l try to fix this later.
Aidan attacked first
“Quick Attack!” he shouted, and Eevee dashed forwards, slamming its body against one of the Kabuto, knocking it backwards. He watched as a moonblast flew over his head, slamming the second Kabuto flying into the wall.
Behind him, Seer and Seb shouted commands, and Beedrill and Butterfree flew forwards.

The Kabutops raised one blade, preparing to swing it down onto Eevee, but a thread of Butterfree’s string wrapped around the blade, causing Kabutops to trip. Then Beedrill dashed forwards with Fury Attack, repetedly jabbing the Kabutops.
Then the Kabutops broke out of the string, knocking Beedrill backwards into the stone wall. Eevee leapt up to Kabutops’ left, but it used its other blade to send it flying sideways.

Butterfree tried to fire more the string but its mouth was covered by a Mud Shot. Sylveon fired another moonblast but the Kabutops crossed his arms, deflecting it.
The Kabutops dashed forwards, bringing one of its massive blades down onto Sylveon, causing a mini-crater in the ground. It then began repeatedly slicing Sylveon, sending it flying into a wall.

“We can’t take them all at one” Shouted Angel “we need a plan”
“On it” Seer said, “Butterfree, confusion”
The psychic attack launched both Kabuto away.
“Now we’ll take care of them” Seb said “Beedrill, Attack!”
Seb, Seer and the Kabuto disappeared somewhere into the cave.

Now Aidan and Angel were alone with the Kabutops, and began their attack again.
“Swift!” he ordered, and a stream of stars slammed into Kabutop’s body
“Moonblast!” continued Angel, causing a beam of light to ALSO hit Kabutops. And leave a crater in the wall.

“Wh- wh- what” Angel stammed “Moonblast was never THAT powerful the last time Sylveon used it”
“It’s probably something to do with the fact that we are in a place call MOUNT MOON” Aidan pointed out “Eevee, Dig!”
Eevee burrowed under the ground, before bursting out of the ground under Kabutops, knocking it into the air.
“Now quick attack!” Angel ordered and Sylveon slammed Kabutops into the wall once again.

Meanwhile deeper in the cave, Seer and Seb were facing off against the Kabuto
“Twinnedle!” Seb shouted and Beedril flew forwards trying to impale both Kabuto, it was able to launch one into a wall but the other got behind and used Ancient Power, covering Beedrill in a pile of stones.

“Beedrill!” Seb shouted as he ran to the piles of stones and began pulling them off
“I’ll cover!” Seer shouted, dashing in front of the two “Butterfree!”
Butterfree used String Shot, tying the Kabuto that had been hit to the wall, then used confusion to blast the other one back. But the first Kabuto had been able to get free and was using Take Down, about to slam itself into Butterfree, when Seb was able to get Beedrill free. Beedrill flew over Seer and Butterfree, impaling the Kabuto with Poison Sting, poisoning it and slamming it into the floor.

Beedrill and Butterfree worked in unison, Butterfree using Confusion to keep the Kabuto at bay and Beedrill impaling them with its stingers whenever they were able to get past. Seb looked at Seer and smiled, and the two pushed their attack.
“String Shot!”
A massive thread surrounded both Kabuto and slammed them into the wall, then Beedrill dashed forwards with red stingers, slamming them into the Kabuto repeatedly, each time getting stronger and stronger until it blast them through the wall.
“Great job!” Seer said to Seb “now we must reunite with the others”

Aidan was having less luck, Kabutops used X-Scissors and knocked Eevee back after an attempt to hit it with Quick Attack. Angel’s Sylveon got behind it and used Moonblast, but Kabutops let out a deafening shriek and the Moonblast dispersed.
“What was that?” Angel asked
“My guess is that its Metal Sound” Aidan said “a steel type move”

Kabutops raised its arms and pulled two massive stones out of the cave wall, Ancient Power, and launched them both at Aidan and Angel. Sylveon jumped up and used Moonblast, while Eevee used Swift, but both attacks bounced off harmlessly and the stones slammed them into the wall.

“Noooo!” Angel shouted, and then she ran and tackled Kabutops herself. The two rolled on the ground for a bit before Kabutops was able to recover and use Night Slash, leaving a scut on Angel’s face.
“How come every single time someone gets stabbed by a Pokemon, its me” Angel complained “Sylveon, finish this sucker”

Sylveon broke out of the rubble and used Moonblast, knocking Kabutops backwards.
“Quick Attack! Now Swift! Now Fairy Wind! Now Tackle! Now-!”

Aidan looked in slight fear as Angel began listing moves he didn’t even know Sylveon knew, and all of them hit Sylveon so hard that eventually, the rock wall cracked and Kabutops was launched backwards.

“Now FINISH HIM!” Angel shouted angrily, but wasn’t able to finish the sentence as Kabutops turned red and disappeared, and behind it appeared Seb, Seer, and Rocket Admin David holding a Pokeball

David regarded the Pokeball now holding Kabutops curiously. “A rare specimen indeed” he commented “Too bad we couldn’t get the other ones, oh well”
Aidan and Angel saluted “Sir, what do we do now”
“Same as it was when we arrived” David said “We must find Articuno”

Meanwhile, Amy’s team were facing similar problems. Scott had attacked first, but his Squirtle was easily batted back.
“Now what type is better?” Sam laughed “4x Supereffective Baby!”
Then he saw Bulbasuar get sent flying backwards too.
Scott laughed

“Oh will you two just shut up for one minute and fight? Dammit Aspen is weak to both of its types and she’s doing better than you idiots” Amy shouted, and both boys recoiled in shock, neither had ever seen Amy like this.

“Fine” Grumbled Sam “Bulbasaur” Sam’s Bulbasuar used Vine Whip and threw the two Omanyte to the other side of the cavern, into a corridor and into the darkness. He smiled at Scott “Can’t do that with your stupid water types can you?”
“Oh I’ll show you” Scott retorted as he and Squirtle ran into the darkness after Sam

“Boys” Aspen and Amy sighed in unison.

Sam and Scott arrived in the cave where the two Omanyte had been launched. All was quiet for a second before a massive explosion of rock caught them by surprise and launched them backwards.

“Squirtle! Rapid Spin” Scott shouted and Squirtle retreated into its shell, span around and slammed its body into one of the Omanyte, and turned to see Sam’s Bulbasaur dispatching the other one, but the Omanyte weren’t done.

The first Omanyte used Mud Shot, but the Mud bounced Harmlessly off Squirtle’s shell, what the mud did do however, was change the course of Squirtle, who flew right into Bulbasaur

“Scott!” Sam shouted, “your stupid Squirtle just slammed into my Bulbasaur”
“Not my fault,” Scott retorted “Bulbasaur was in the way”
Scott and Sam began arguing, as Bulbasaur and Squirtle stood firm against the Omanyte
“Squirtle Squirt (What do we do?)” Squirtle asked
“Bulba (They won’t help)” Bulbasaur muttered “Bulbasaur (We’ll do this ourselves!)”

Bulbasaur used Vine Whip, its vines wrapping around the two Omanyte before they could do anything. He moved them so they were facing away from the Omanyte’s mouths, therefor safe from the Mud Shot and Water Guns. Squirtle jumped up, using Rapid Spin, and bounced quickly between the two Omanyte, gaining Momentum until he eventually knocked them both into the wall. Defeated, the two Omanyte quickly escaped deeper into the cave.

“Great job Squirtle!” Scott shouted, “You beat both of them”
“Squirtle!?” Sam asked angrily “Bulbasaur held them in the air and let Squirtle hit them, all Squirtle did was roll around in its shell”
Squirtle and Bulbasaur both sighed as the two began arguing

Amy and Aspen were making little to no progress on the Omastar, which was currently firing a Hydro Pump at Aspen’s Charmander, which was trying its hardest to block it with Dragon Rage

“Quick Attack!” Amy shouted “And again! And again!”
But as Amy’s Pikachu zipped in and out, hitting Omastar again and again, it seemed to have no effect. A bead of sweat was forming on Charmander’s forehead, it wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer.

“Thundershock!” Amy shouted, and Pikachu used the attack on the Hydro Pump. The electric current travelled through the stream of water, and into the mouth of the Omastar.

The Omastar was blasted backwards, and Amy began her attack in the earnest, launching Thundershocks and Quick Attacks in an endless barrage, until the Omastar was slammed into the wall.

As the dust settled, however, the group were surprised to find the Omastar unharmed

“Child” a gentle voice called out, seemingly from the Omastar “You have proven yourself worthy”
Taken aback by a talking Omastar, both Amy and Aspen took a step back
“Who the heck are you?” Aspen asked
“My name” The Omastar began “Is not important. You have shown the capability to be a great, selfless trainer, and I have chosen you to be the caretaker of my mortal body”

Then the Omastar’s eyes began to glow gold, as it rose up from the ground.
Amy felt a tug at her waist and watched as an empty Pokeball was lifted out of her bag.
It glided slowly through the air, touching the Omastar’s chest and seemingly being absorbed into it. The Omastar was enveloped in a red light, and then it was gone, a single Pokeball in its place.

“Well that was a thing” Aspen commented, but Amy ignored her. She walked towards the Pokeball and grabbed it in her hand, before silently turning to the exit of the cave, and walking off.

Sam and Scott at that moment arrived at the entrance, prepared to keep arguing. But a glare from Aspen shut them up quickly, and the four continued on their way.

In another part of the cave, Aiden watched as David experienced a stab of pain in the head
“Sir!” he said “What’s wrong?”
“I feel something, a presence” David said “Something happened here, as if it were the creation of a… Mary Sue…”
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  1. Fishykarp
    Literally a Mary Sue with a Pikachu who befriended a God and is fighting Team Rocket

    I don't know whether to be worried, try to fix it, or just roll with it
    Mar 25, 2017
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