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Return of Team Rocket: Return of Team Rocket: Chapter Eleven (The Cave)

by Fishykarp

Fishykarp The Rockets finally make their way to Mount Moon, but find themselves against unexpected opposition. Will they be able to beat their adversaries, or will their quest to find Articuno get crushed?

Wow It has been more than a month (Excluding the Holiday Special) since I gave you guys one of these chapters. I sincerely apologise for this, and will hopefully be releasing chapters more regularly
The Rocket-Copter flew high above Mount Moon, preparing to land on its peak. It flew downwards when David sensed that something was not right. A sudden chill overtook his body. Looking out of the Rocket-Copter, he saw what appeared to be a blue beam heading right towards them. “Watch out!” David shouted as the blue beam hit the side of the Rocket Copter, knocking it off course. David ran back to controls but nothing was working, the Rocket Copter’s propeller wasn’t working. He poked his head out of the side, where he saw the propeller blades frozen solid, the ice spreading and threatening to overcome the entire Rocket-Copter. There was white flash from inside, and the entire Rocket-Copter exploded.

Amy, Aspen and Sam were waiting outside of the entrance to Mount Moon
“He just had to go back for that badge, didn’t he?” Amy complained
“It’ll be quick, I have a water type” Aspen said, making her best Scott impression
“I tried to tell him” Sam sighed
“We’ve been waiting for long enough, we can wait for longer” Amy decided.

On the opposite entrance to Mount Moon, there was a flash of light as David and his Alakazam, Aidan, Angel, Seb and Seer appeared just above the ground, falling and catching themselves, they looked into the air, where the remains of the Rocket-Copter tumbled off somewhere over the horizon.
“That was close” Angel said “Now what?”
“Now” David said, looking into the pitch black cave entrance “We enter”
“Hey you!” A voice shouted from behind them

“Guys! I’m ready!” Scott shouted, running towards the group
“Where were you? Now Team Rocket will beat us there” Aspen complained
“Not necessarily” Scott said, smiling “I had the Gym Leader call a friend from Cerulean City”

“You Pokemon Thieves will never get away with this!” the voice continued “Not with me here, Cerulean City Gym Leader! Misty!”
The group turned around to see the Gym Leader and two other trainers standing in front of them.
“You think you can just come to Mount Moon and take whatever you like?” She asked “Then take this! Starmie, Bubblebeam!”

“Barrier!” David shouted, and a clear wall appeared, blocking the bubblebeam.
“Gym Leaders” he sighed “I’ll take care of this, you four get into the mountain, somebody tipped her off and I’m not allowing that somebody to get to Articuno before us”

Aidan nodded, and the group ran off. Leaving David, the trainers and Misty alone
Misty nodded to the two trainers, who both sent out Staryu.
“Rapid Spin!” they ordered in unison, and two Staryu began spinning extremely fast, and then sped towards Alakazam

“Barrier” ordered David and another wall appeared, knocking the two Staryu backwards “Now! Confusion!”
A blast of Psychic energy knocked them into a tree behind Misty, cracking it in two.

“Water Gun!” the two Staryu trainers ordered
"Bubblebeam" Misty shouted.
The three stars began spinning extremely quickly again, from their cores exited two streams of water a stream of bubbles.

"Teleport!" David shouted, and Alakazam teleported behind Misty, forcing the stars to redirect their fire "now again!"
Alakazam kept flashing everywhere, teleporting in circles around Misty. Until he was hit. A Bubblebeam was able to knock Alakazam into the mountain wall next to David.

"Great job" one of the other trainers cheered
"Now!" All three shouted in unison "Rapid Spin!"
All the stars began speeding along the ground, kicking up dust until David and Alakazam could not be seen. They heard the sound of an explosion... and saw... the three stars flung out of it, all with heavy bruising on their bodies

"I'm done with playing" David announced, a barrier surrounding them both. "Alakazam, you know what to do."

Alakazam dissapeard, appearing somewhere else but disappearing in a split second. Then again and again, it seemed like there were hundreds of Alakazams... eventually, he appeared in front of the disoriented Pokémon and Trainers, and let out a powerful psychic blast. It sent all of the Pokémon and Trainers flying backwards, all of them landing on the ground.

David walked up to Misty and the Trainers "Alakazam, take them"
Alakazam knew exactly what he meant. Using its psychic powers, it took the Starmie and Staryu's Pokeballs.

"Give those back" Ordered Misty, but David just walked up to her, smiling.
"You are in no position to make demands young lady" David said coldly, "now run home to your little Gym and ponder over your pitiful existence."

And with that, he entered the cave, hoping the others had been successful so far

Aidan had NOT been successful. He and the group were hopelessly lost inside of the maze of tunnels.
“Where are we?” Seer asked “Where is David?”
“It’s my turn to use the map” Seb complained “You’ve had it for half an hour at least”
“Do you think a map will help?” Angel asked “and if I recall, it was your idea to go down this tunnel!”
They heard a massive rumble, as massive stones fell from behind them, blocking off the exit. Two red eyes glaring at them
“Idiots” Aidan sighed “Your arguing woke up… whatever THAT is”

Meanwhile, in another section of Mount Moon, Team Amy were not having much better luck.
“I got the boulder badge” Scott hummed to himself
“Please, shut up” Sam said “We have a Legendary Bird to find and a crime syndicate to stop, this is NOT a time for humming”
“If you two start fighting again I SWEAR” Aspen whispered “Look at Amy’s face for a moment”
They turned to Amy, her face was covered with sweat, and was completely red.
“Are you ok?” Sam asked with concern “Amy?”
“I’m fine” assured Amy “Lets just keep going, stop those rockets”
“You sure? You’ve been walking nonstop for an hour!” Sam asked “Running most of it too!”
“I’m fine” assured Amy again “now lets just-“
They heard the rumbling from the Pokemon that Aidan was fighting
“that has to be them” Amy decided, running again
The others sighed and followed

“Come on it’ll be fine” Seb said “Nothing we can’t beat”
He stepped forwards, only to be stopped by a massive scythelike arm.
The creature was covered in a brown shell, with two massive blades for arms.
“Kabutops” Aidan whispered “revived from the Dome Fossil”
Backing up the Kabutops were two Kabuto
“Kabutops was the most feared hunter of its time” Seer exclaimed
“In that case, we’d better prepare ourselves for one heck of a fight” Angel said
The Team sent out all of their Pokemon, and ran towards the Kabutops, preparing for a fight

Amy and Co reached the blocked off tunnel where Team Rocket were
“It seems we can’t reach them from here” Amy said “I guess we will have to go around”
“Uh, Amy” Scott said “we have company
A blue star shaped Pokemon came out of the shadows, a shell on its back, flanked by two Omanyte
“Omastar” Amy announced “Revived from the Helix Fossil”
“PRAISE LORD HELIX!” Aspen shouted, before getting slapped by Amy “Sorry, I don’t know what just came over me”
“its ok” Amy said “For now, I think we should prepare for a massive battle”
They sent out their Pokemon, and stepped forwards, then charged.
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