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TPA: Regeneration

by CloudLine64

CloudLine64 Chapter 4
Taylor woke up seeing a blue-green ceiling,
"Where am I?"Taylor asked.
"Your at the Pokecenter,I'm Nurse Orchid,Nurse Joy's daughter.Welcome to the Jippin Pokecenter,Taylor Katcher."Orchid explained.
"What happened?"
"Taylor,you had a nasty fall,though,something saved you from fainting."(Fainting is death in this world,so she means dying.)
"Wh-what would that be?"
Orchid opened her mouth to say something,but quickly closed it.Joy bursted into the room.
"Orchid,we have a really injured pokemon,I need your help!"she panicked,Orchid nodded and left with her mother.Two men entered the room,it was Taylor's father and Professor Mahogany.
"Taylor,I heard from Mahogany and got worried,are you okay?"Owen asked.Taylor nodded,he looked closely to see his father had little stains under his eyes,symbolizing he was crying a lot.
"There's still a little pain in my head,but I'll be fine."Taylor calmly said,
"Owen,I'm sorry,but I need to talk to Taylor,alone."Mahogany said,disappointed.Owen nodded,walking out of the room,the boy and man were silent,
"Taylor,you didn't di-faint because of some kind of power holding you back."Mahogany continued.
"The power is,uh,re-gen-eration,sorry,I don't really know what that word is or what it means,but your lucky to have power."Mahogany finished.
"I wish I knew,Orchid said it saved me."Taylor said to Professor,
"I know,but we don't know anything,your the first to go through this."Mahogany said,but he lied.There was another one before Taylor,and every pokeperson was told to not say anything,the PokeGovernment told them to,so he had to lie.
  1. CloudLine64
    That is because I was reading the Giver with my class at the time. I was inspired.(The other person....)
    May 12, 2015
  2. AzureEdge
    Regeneration? This is interesting. And the whole thing with the poke government... (Why am I thinking of stories with dystopian societies like theHunger games or divergent)So dying is fainting. Hmmm.
    Can't wait for the next chap!
    Sep 6, 2014
    CloudLine64 likes this.