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Non-Pokémon Related Fan Art: Realistic Sonic

by Mr.Munchlax

Realistic Sonic.jpg
Mr.Munchlax After seeing both posters, I think I have a general idea of what Sonic's going to look like in the upcoming movie :p
  1. BurbleBurble
    This movie is going to be a beautiful mess
    Dec 13, 2018
    Mr.Munchlax likes this.
  2. SS-I Never
    SS-I Never
    Why!? WHY!? This might actually be how Sonic will look like in the new movie and I HATE IT!!
    Dec 12, 2018
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  3. Hollow Omega
    Hollow Omega
    What were they thinking
    Dec 12, 2018
  4. Satokuye
    jesus christ burn it with fire this is what nightmares are made of
    Dec 12, 2018
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