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Pokemon Warcraft Prequel: PWP Samantha 2

by Hecotoro

Hecotoro The creation of the wind reaper.
The young girl, Samantha, was taken to Vlad's castle. There, she was taught wind magic. Vlad was a very strict teacher, but a very kind father. He made sure she always had top quality dresses, she was always neatly clean and well fed. Although she had all these luxuries and the family of being cared for. She would never speak. But, Vlad learned to read her eyes and that told more than a thousand words. The years went by and Samantha turned twelve.
Her wind magic was not perfect. The element that represented freedom was not strong in this young girl. Vlad brought the best teachers and researched how to improve her, but he was unable to. So, he decided to focus on a weapon of her choice.
One day, they both stood in Vlad's armory. It was filled with all kinds of wonderful weapons. He allowed Samantha to choose one. After hours of carefully inspecting them, she chose a scythe. Vlad didn't ask why, but he could tell she had bonded with it. So, the training began. Unfortunately, she was too small and weak for such weapon.
With no other option, Vlad decided to make her better. To improve her, to have her form part of the next step in evolution. The vampire created the legendary Philosopher's Stones. He promised Samantha greater power and immortality, which the young girl, who was fourteen then, accepted. She was unaware that ninety perfect didn't survive the process. But she did. She became the ultimate warrior. Her wind powers matched that of a master, her body gained great resistance and she loved her father. She mastered the ways of the scythe and as a gift, received a Shippet. The Pokemon would guide her scythe so she could focus on everything else in battle. Vlad was truly proud.
Twenty years. Twenty years of Samantha raiding villages and killing everyone in them. Just like her father, she believed they were trash. They all cowered upon her arrival and begged for their lives, just like the miserable pigs that called themselves her family at one point. Despite the time, Vlad and Samantha remained the same age. Together they destroyed anything and anyone. Those who seemed worthy were taken to try and make more. Many died and very few survived. The forever young girl watched some come and go, but she was Vlad's favorite. He even attempted to duplicate himself upon another one, but didn't work out well.
The father and daughter duo continued on for years, nothing could get in their way.
  1. EmoKitty21
    You know I love the reference to Jason in there. I love how he ties back to Vlad in that way. It shows how much work we have all put into this story when we can all tell who Vlad refered to in this.
    Jan 25, 2020
    RenzFlintrock and Hecotoro like this.
  2. RenzFlintrock
    I'm interested to see how she ended up in the Academy.
    Jan 24, 2020
  3. Hecotoro
    @RenzFlintrock @ThePlayfulFox right xD tags. I forgot. Anyways I might do one for Vlad, if I do then more details on where he and Samantha went.
    Jan 24, 2020
  4. RenzFlintrock
    ... Oof.
    (Also, don't forget to tag us when responding to our comments, otherwise we may not know you answered.)
    Jan 24, 2020
  5. Hecotoro
    Who said it was just Kelan?
    Jan 24, 2020
  6. RenzFlintrock
    .... wow... only problem I saw was that Shuppet was misspelled... but that is beautiful.

    II have to ask along with Playful, though, if they were destroying villages for 20 years, what happened to the Kelanian population?
    Jan 24, 2020
  7. ThePlayfulFox
    Um, how are any of our characters alive?
    Jan 24, 2020