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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Stardust And MoonMist: Prologue

by AbbieEeveelutions

AbbieEeveelutions The prologue of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Stardust and MoonMist! Enjoy! ♥ This is to remember the moments and is dedicated to me and my childhood best friend, Dawn, who's moving to a new school and house. You'll always be in my heart! ♥ This is also dedicated to Pokécharms for happy days! ♥
2 girls were happily playing in Starshine City. One of them was Dawn and one of them was Dusk. But those were their nicknames. Their true names were Sakura and Haruka. But that was just the beginning. One day, they spotted a Vulpix and a Ninetales. Then, they turned the 2 girls into their Pokémon! Sakura turned into her naïve and female Eevee, Kokoro, and Haruka turned into her timid and female Mudkip, Cookie! No longer called by Dawn, Dusk, Sakura, or Haruka, instead they were called Kokoro and Cookie. The 2 Pokémon were alone at Dreamstar Forest. Suddenly a humanoid Pokémon's shadow came over them. The humanoid Pokémon was a Gardevoir. The Gardevoir had a Gardevoirite on her dress. Kokoro was surprised by the calm and gentle Gardevoir. Then the Gardevoir finally said,
"Hello. I'm Kira the Gardveoir. Suppose you are the 2 best friends who used to be Sakura and Haruka? Looks like you are Pokémon now. Come with me. Don't be scared. You are with me."
"Cookie? Is that okay with you?"
Then she lead them to Scarlettheart City. The city was know as, "The city of a scarlet heart." Then she took the two Pokémon to her home.
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