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Pokemon X and Y: The Chu Returns

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Retelling the adventures of Ash Ketchum. Instead of starting his journey in Kanto, he starts it in Kalos! He journeys with his Brother, Red, his childhood friend, Serena, and 2 others, Clemont, a Scientific Gym Leader, and Bonnie, his little sis. Also, they fight Team Rocket and Team Flare, along with Ash's rivals, Terry and Gary.
Ash woke up early, excited for his new journey with his brother and his friend, Serena. Sure, traveling with a girl might be weird for a kid whose going through puberty, but Ash was a bit to stupid. He and his family were moving to Kalos, where Serena moved to a while back. Ash and Red were twins, but Red was 3 minutes older. Ash and Red were 16, Serena was 15, their Rivals, Gary and Terry, were 17, and they all had their driver licenses. Well, not Serena, but the rest, yeah. Ash and Red boarded the plane, and because most of the time they were sleeping, got there in about no time to them, but it really took 18 hours. When they got there, they had arrived in Lumiose City, where Serena and her Mom were. Red and Ash were already charging into Pr. Sycamore's lab, with Serena running after. The trio waited until the elevator they used stopped, then ran out, and saw a room with many pictures of pokemon and stones in it, along with many computers. The Professor turned to them, smiling. "Hello, children, I assume your here for your starter!" Ash and his friends nodded. "Well then, here are the 7 you can choose!" The Professor showed them 7 pokemon. One was a fire lizard with a goofy grin similar to Red's. Another was a mouse with a lightning bolt shaped tail who was jumping up and down like Ash. The others were a Froakie, a Fennekin, a Chespin, a Bulbasaur and a Squirtle. Red bent down and looked around. He then finally picked up Charmander. Ash was stuck between Pikachu and Froakie, and decided to choose after. Serena picked up Fennekin. Suddenly, two boys appeared out of the elevator, Gary and Terry. Gary just shoved As out of the way and picked up Squirtle. Terry looked down and cautiously picked up Bulbasaur. Chespin just sighed and went into the emo corner. Ash eventually chose Pikachu, and Froakie went to another emo corner. The group felt sad until a with glasses and a large backpack on came crashing into the lab, breathing heavily. Pr. Sycamore went over to the boy. "Professor, did I miss them?!?" The boy asked, frantically. The Professor shook his head. "Ash, Red, Serena, this is Clemont! He will be traveling with you on your journey, due to him requesting it." Ash went over and smiled at Clemont. He gave him a handshake. "Nice to meet you!" Ash greeted. Clemont went over and picked up Chspin, being allowed to pick a partner for his journey. Froakie silently slid his pokeball into Ash's backpack, and went back into his pokeball. The kids all received a pokedex, and went out of the lab. Outside was Clemont's little sister, Bonnie. "Bonnie, what are you doing here?" Clemont asked. "Dad's letting me go with you on your journey! Fun, right?" The 4 sweat dropped, and nodded half heartedly. Suddenly, a explosion went off near the Lumiose City gym, and the teens and Bonnie went over to it.
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  1. Antonio Ocampo
    Antonio Ocampo
    I think this is pretty good
    Aug 5, 2015
  2. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    This is a fanfic, dude. And i'm an amourshipper.
    Oct 21, 2014
  3. Adrian2AMBoss
    Oct 21, 2014