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Pokemon Sun/Moon: The Whole Fracture

by Yvenn

Yvenn Chapter Summary

As Yvenn goes down the route farther, he sees a person that was quite expected and someone who wasn't quite expected either. While he tries to buddy up to the second party, it doesn't seem like things will go his direction so easily due to... him.

When they do get to town, he has some time to kill. Maybe he could go see what that strange person was doing...
Chapter II - Route Extravaganza

The hill was extremely steep. No joke. It made my feet go lower and lower as I went farther up the hill. It was so steep that if I tried to ride a bike up the hill, I would've went down instead of up. It was a terrible trek.

When I finally got up the hill, I fell to the ground with a grin. "I made it! Whew... "

A small child with afro-like hair ran up the hill without ease. "Awright! I made it up so fast!"

My look went dull. "Are you freakin' serious? I'm dying... "

The kid stopped smiling and looked forward. "Oh... " He then smiled bigger. "Professor Kukui! And beautiful lady!"

I scratched my head and stood up, focusing my gaze forward. I had heard that Kukui had an assistant, but I knew for sure that the girl there wasn't his assistant. How? It was a girl that was on the selective character thing, that's why.

I looked at it again and nodded. It was the girl that had dark hair and light skin. She looked happy in the picture, though I bet her interior isn't that great. I mean that personality-wise.

Kukui smiled and walked up to the both of us. "Hey there, cousin. And Yvenn's here as well, oh yeah! Let's give an Encore to Yvenn for making it... partially here." He grinned at me, knowing full well that that hill was full on devil made. "My assistant isn't here at the moment, oh yeah, but you'll see her for sure. How are you doing anyway?"

I nodded slowly. "Fine... I could be better though. That hill was big and climatic... for some strange reason. I mean, the Sun was literally burning my eyes as I was going up here."

The little kid grinned at me. "That's a Pokemon Adventure for ya! Heeheehee! I'll see you all later!"

The kid ran off down the route and soon went out of sight.

Kukui nodded. "Oh yeah, I almost forgot. This is a second Pokemon trainer. Her name is Serine. S-E-R-I-N-E."

"Ah... " I looked towards her and she had her arms crossed in a... royal princess way. "I'm Yvenn. Nice to yeet mou."

I then started to sweat bullets. I already messed up introductions. This is just great, isn't it...?

The girl gave me a strange look. "Huh?"

I screeched lightly in my mouth. Kukui laughed lightly so then only I could hear it. He knew that I wasn't well with women. They terrify me all the way into the depths of my heart. No kidding. My mom is different. She's my mom. Who's afraid of their moms? Actually... don't answer that question.

Serine looked at me and gave me a small smile. "No need to be shy. Hmm... I thought all men fantasized about women and such. That's school for ya."

My life of emotions then changed to dreadfulness. How would she assume men would fantasize about getting cute girls all the time? I've done it before, but as you can see, I've taken a turn for the worse.

I hope she doesn't stare at me too long... It freaks me out. As I thought that, Serine kept staring at me, expecting me to reply or something. She's staring... She's STARING!!!

I crouched to the ground quickly and covered my head. "Stop staring at me!"

I was wondering why Kukui wasn't doing anything. Maybe this is a test? I could see out the corner of my eye that he was just smiling at me. It was strange...

Serine took away the silence with a burst of laughter. "Geez... Ahahaha! You're making me cry... Hahahaha!"

I looked up slightly and saw her laughing while wiping tears away with her finger. The introductions might not have been so bad after all...

Kukui finally spoke by saying, "Alright! Let's get a move on to Iki Town!"

Serine took in a deep breath and nodded. "Of course. Oh yeah... " She put her hands in her pockets. "We're getting our starters there, right?"

Kukui nodded. "Yeah, cousin. Once you get your Pokemon, you'll be able to start some heated battles, oh yeah!"

I smiled a little. Ever since my journey started from Kalos, I loved to battle. I wouldn't avoid any trainers or any battles. I would always fight vigilantly with my Pokemon. Sometimes, people would say that Pokemon Amie was worth nothing, but after training my Mightyena and giving him many macaroons, he started to dodge almost every attack coming at him. He was my best fighter. What happened to him? Sorry to leave you on a cliffhanger, but you'll figure out soon enough.

Serine put a hand out to me. "Let's hurry then. We might be able to battle each other soon."

After she mentioned battling each other, I took her hand, forgetting about the girl problem. "Yeah."

She brought me up. "Okay. Let's get a move on. We should make it faster if we run."

With that in mention, we all ran, including Kukui. We ran and ran. We took some breaks for him to show me how to catch Pokemon and how to do it effectively. Serine was pretty interested and I was as well. I already knew how to catch Pokemon, but it reminded me of some past memories of my old rival...

Serine... Serena... Huh...? As I thought of how close related their names were, it intrigued me. It has a close comparison. Nice...

After the short lesson of catching Pokemon, we ran again. A short amount of time passed before we arrived at a town, a small one at that. It didn't matter to me though. I was ready to get my starter Pokemon!

We slowed our pace and stopped at a pathway. Kukui turned to us and put his hands on his hips. "That was a nice run, oh yeah!"

Serine was breathing heavily. "Uh... Ugh... That wasn't a... good idea... "

I looked forward the whole time, super hyper about getting my Pokemon. "So where do I get my Pokemon? Tell me!"

Kukui laughed at me. "Well, we gotta wait for the kahuna to get ready. Maybe you can Discharge some of that excitement, cousin."

That was actually a good idea...

I walked into the plaza, not really listening to my surroundings, and saw a figure with white clothing and a white hat on. I could see long blond hair and white shoes. It was... strange.

As the girl (I think) walked up the path, I slowly followed her. I was trying to not get caught and seem creepy so I kept on following WITH CAUTION.

The path then started to loop a bit. It turned right, left, and all around. It was getting hard to keep sight of her. When I thought of that, I actually lost sight of her. So I ran without a second thought.

The path then ended as I got to the top. The sight... was very surprising. Time for a cliffhanger again. Sorry about that! Hahaha... More will be out very soon! Don't worry, for Yvenn is the master storyteller!