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Pokemon Kalos New Dawn: Pokemon Kalos Adventure:The New Dawn chapter 1 The New Journey

by FlareFox

FlareFox Before he fight Team Flare,Callick was working the exam at Santalune Trainer School and Callick's mother asked to Callick that his previous pokemon,Lucario rejoin his Kalos team.
"Five minute again until the answer sheet must be checked!" Mrs. Winter shouted to her student."My score in test must be get an A" Callick talking to himself."Dalton, please collect all answer sheet" Mrs Winter told the student with blonde hair.
"Yes miss" the blonde student obeyed.

The clock showed eleven o'clock and the bell rang,Callick,Cornell,Irene,Hazel along with other student have lunch in canteen.Lunch menu in the caferia are Oran berry,baguette,boiled Shellder, and yoghurt.the bell rang again,Callick and his friends return to class along with other student.

"I will read your test score" Mrs Winter talk to her student
"Callick,your score test is A.With this score,You can gratuated junior high grade 1" Mrs Winter speak softly to Callick.
"Thanks you,miss" Callick grateful to Mrs Winter.
"And Louis, your score test is F.You cannot gratuated junior high grade 1"Mrs Winter speak seriously
"Sorry miss" Louis apologize to Mrs Winter.
"Congratulation, Callick"The two brunette student bear goodwill to Callick.
"The another student to gratuated junior high grade 1 are ,Hazel,Irene, and Cornell"Miss Winter talk to Irene,Hazel and Cornell.
"Wow!,you are best girls ever,Irene!"Callick amazed.
"I'm glad to see your score,Callick!" Irene chuckle.

After school was ended,Callick came to home and reported his score test to his mother.
"Mommy!,my score test is A and I gratuated from junior high grade 1!"Callick talked happily
"Mom very proud of you,son!"Callick's mother thrilled.
"Froak! Froak!(You really great Trainer)" Callick's Froakie praise Callick.
"Charmander!(Congratulation too!)" Callick's Charmander speak awe.
During he use Holo Caster to communicated with Irene ,Callick heard the his mother's voice from backyard and directly came down the stair to the backyard with his Froakie and Charmander.
"Callick,mom got order for you!"his mother told him to backyard
"What wrong mom?"Callick asked to his mother
"Your old pokemon,Lucario seems to want you to join your journey.Want accept it?"Callick's mother asked.
"Sure!"Callick answered gladly.
"Awoof!(Thanks you Callick!)" Lucario be thankful to Callick.

Callick continued communicated with Irene .Suddenly,there was a Breaking News from his Holo Caster reported by Elite Four Malva
"Good afternoon viewers,Holo Caster news is ready present to delivers actual information including,Team Flare return again to commit criminal acts in Lumiose City."
"Oh no! Team Flare free from prison?!"Callick shocked.
He quickly opened the wardrobe and look at his Team Flare uniform,he realized that before he was a Team Flare member.
"Gah!That was....THAT WAS MY JOB WHEN I TURN TEN YEARS!!!" Callick angrily shout.
"Dude,We must defeat Team Flare in order to be able go to Hoenn region,Hurry up!!"
.Callick shouted encouragement to his Pokemon.
"Eh?Where my Trainer Dex?"Callick asked to his Lucario.
"Awwof! (At study desk,Callick)" Callick's Lucario told him to Callick and he inputting his Trainer Dex to his bag

He came down the stairs to the dining room and before exiting the house say goodbye to his mother.
"Mom,I'm out first ya!I have to fight Team Flare!"Callick said goodbye to his mother
"Be careful,Callick!"She advised Callick.

Callick quickly out of the house and riding a bike in a hurry to Lumiose City and his Lucario run followed him outside the pokeball.
"C'mon dude,do not let Team Flare steal the money to destroy Kalos!Do you want battle with Team Flare?"Callick asking his Lucario in a hurry.
"Lucar! (Yes,Callick!)" Callick's Lucario replied.

To Be Continued.......