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Pokemon: Hoenn Adventures Part 6

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox The 2 duos have been traveling for 2 months now.... But, What exactly is this Team Twister?
2 months later....
"Dragonair, Dragon Rush!" Drake commanded as his blue dragon charged against Brendan's Cacnea. Brendan's 2 newest pokemon were having a hard time against the mystical dragon. "Marshstomp, Muddy Water, Cacnea, Pin Missle!" The 2 pokemon launched their attacks, damaging Dragonair. "Okay, that's enough training." Drake decided. 2 weeks ago, Brendan got a Mudkip from Pr. Birch because he was the only one who didn't have a starter(Gabe had a Squirtle(Now Blastoise), Drake with Charmander( Became a Charizard) and Oran was given a Chespin( Chesnaught now)). "Thanks for the training, dude." Brendan thanked. "No problem, you needed it anyway, we're meeting up with Gabe and Oran today anyway." Drake was right, so Brendan wanted Marshstomp to catch up as soon as possible. With Gabe and Oran.... "Hitmonchan, Ice Punch, then Mach Punch!" Gabe shouted as he defeated a Tyrantrum. "MAMA MIA!" The wannabe shouted, running away. "Great Job, Guys!" Oran cheered. "Delcatty!" Oran's Delcatty purred. "Go, Rampardos!" They heard. The duo turned around to see some dude dressed in green with a grey dinosaur with him. A Fearow was flying above them. "Who are you?" They asked. "I am Team Twister Admin Brian! My team and I will now destroy you and steal your flying, grass, bug and dark type pokemon!" He shouted. The duo looked confused. "Why those types precisely?" Oran asked. "Our leader said so! Rampardos, Fire Blast, Fearow, Air Slash!" The two admin pokemon launched their strong attacks at the two trainers."Blastoise, Hydro Cannon!" "Chesnaught, Frenzy Plant!" The final evolved starters launched the 2 elemental ultimate moves, cancelling out the other attacks, and hitting the admin's pokemon. "Gah!" The admin screamed, angry. "Finish em' with Ice Punch!" Blastoise smashed it's icy blue aura fist against the two pokemon. "No! Quick, Fearow use Fly!" The Admin cried as he recalled his Rampardos. The Sparrow pokemon nodded, and picked up his trainer. As Brian took off, the two trainers stood their wondering just who Team Twister was.

Lame ending, but I hope you liked it.