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Pokemon: Hoenn Adventures Final Part 1!!!!! The Fronteir

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox The team discovers that Team Twister is planning to awaken Rayquaza and turn the world into their own tornado kingdom! Also, what are these pokemon with the 4 trainers?
2 Months earlier......
"Team Twister?" Drake asked. "Yeah, they sent some dude named Brian to steal our pokemon." Gabe explained. "He was easy to beat though!" Oran said. "But they could become a bigger threat, so we have to be prepared if they do something dangerous. Previous Dex Holders have stopped similar teams, but this doesn't seem like the other groups." Brendan stated. Present.... "AHHHHH!!! Quick, use Power Whip!" Oran shouted. The pink pokemon she was using wacked his opponent hard. Oran and her pink pokemon were battling Team Twister Admin Sandy. She and her Altaria were vey strong opponents. Oran was near the point of retreaing. "Altaria, Hyper Beam!!!" The Giant Dragon pokemon blasted a pink beam straight at Oran and her Pokémon. "Er......" Oran grumbled, getting hit hard. With Brendan.... "Ice Punch!" Brendan shouted. The fast pokemon smashed her fist against Brien's Yanmega. "Gale Bringer!" The Bug Pokémon created strong winds, throwing the heroes away. "Dam it..." Brendan cursed. With Drake..... "THUNDER!!!!" Drake yelled. His yellow pokemon launched a strong electric bolt against Team Twister Admin Colby's Heatmor. "Overheat." The strong anteater fired a strong giant flame against our hero and his pokemon. "This is a bunch of-" NO SWEARING! With Gabe.... "X-Scissor!" Gabe shouted, his strong bug pokemon slashing Team Twister Leader Smith's Pidgeot. The bird pokemon looked a bit damaged. "TWISTER!!!" Pidgeot formed a large purple tornado then blasted it at the hero. "GAH!!!!!!" Gabe screamed. 2 hours later... The heroes have been bested easily. Team Twister now has the legendary Green Orb. Now, they go on search of Jirachi, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. Luckily, all four have obtained a Master Ball. With Brendan at the Steel Chamber...... "We Challenge you Regirock!" Brendan shouted, his Swampert next to him. "REEEEEEE!!!!!!!" He heard. With Oran..."RAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!" She heard. With Drake..... "ROOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" He heard. With Gabe...... "RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!"

Guess who the new pokemon were: Oran: Lickylicky, Brendan: Weavile, Drake: Electivire, and Gabe: Scizor. Next Time: The 3 golems and the wish maker battle the air dargon! Who will win?!!? Find Out, Next Time!
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