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Pokemon: Hoenn Adventure

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Follow Gabe and Brendan with their pokemon, Aron and Squirtle.
"DIE" Gabe yelled. "NEVER" Brendan yelled. Brendan made Gabe wet his bed. Gabe and his Squirtle chased Brendan own littleroot. They were starting their journey today, and they were just about to go right into route 1 when, "GUYS" "Losers!" They heard. Behind them were their friend Oran and their rival, Drake, son of The elite four Drake. Drake's Bagon and Oran's Pichu followed close behind. "Gabe, did you think I would let you go without a battle?" Drake asked smugly. "My hopes were too high..." Gabe sighed. "Squirtle, Water Gun!" "Dragon Rage!" Both STAB Special attacks clashed against each other. "Rapid Spin Bubblebeam combo!" Gabe commanded. "Headbutt, then ember!" Squirtle ducked inside his shell and spinned forward at Mach 1 speed, blasting bubbles every where. Bagon charged at Squirtle, bracing himself with his hard head. The attacks smacked on one another and Bagon then shot a barrage of small fire balls at Squirtle, burning him. "Tackle, full power!" "Take down!" The two attacks once again smashed against the other, but Squirtle used withdraw while using tackle, resulting in Squirtle taking less damage, and Bagon was knocked out. "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Drake screamed, defeated. "Yeah!" Gabe's friends cheered. "Ron!" Brendan's Aron cheered. "Chu! Pichu!" Oran's Pichu squeaked. "Awesome job, Squirtle." Gabe congratulated. "I cannot believe we lost, buddy Bagon!" Drake sobbed, his best friend Bagon trying to comfort him. "See ya, guys!" Gabe said, leaving. And they all went separate ways. Well, Gabe and Brendan are traveling together, but whatever.

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter!!!