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pokemon history of ace: pokemon history of ace vol 4 a shroom of spore

by acema23

acema23 ace ads a new friend to the team
after defeating roxanne may and ace have spend a little of time in rustboro to train
may-alright ace after this battle where leaving
ace-okay lets do this
ace send out cumbusken and may send marshtomp
cumbusken used double kick marshtomp toke the hit
marshtomp used mud shot its super effective
cumbusken used focus energy
marshtomp used rock tomb
cumbusken dodge and use double kick !critical hit!
marshtomp fainted
may-whoa id din't go like last time your more powerful that last mine
ace-thank you
an aroma starts on the air
ace and may pitched black
ace wakes up:
ace-where where am i may wake up
may-aaaahhh ace where hare we
ace-don't now
shroomish-shroomish shroo
ace and may-a shroomish
shroomish and other pokemon appear
ace-i think they want us to help
a slathking appear
slathking started eat all the food of the villange
ace-i think they want to make the slathking go away
may-then lets do it
slahtking attacked
ace-cumbusken use double kick
mat-marshtomp use rock tomb
slathking took the hit
ace-dam it we need to stop moving
ace-shroomish you want to help alright the us stun spore
shroomish used stun spore
slathking is paralyzed
ace-cumbusken double kick
may-marshtomp use water gun
slathking fainted
ace-yeah we did it
ace-do you want to come with me
ace-alright pokeball go
and with that may and ace haft gotten a new friend what will come next
to be continued
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