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Pokemon Adventures

by Sasha the Eevee Master

Sasha the Eevee Master What happens when random pass byer finds me unconscious on the floor will he help me or leave me.
??? pov:

I just got off the cruise ship from Johto. Scyther by my side, just like when I was under Masters teachings. Me and Scyther were walking down the path that was taken quite often by people traveling to Pallet Town.

I came to an abrupt stop as Scyther gave a cry of alarm, which qwickly caught my attention thinking my partner was hurt, but instead. On the floor was a female with red past her-shoulder-length hair. She was wearing a blue long sleeved shirt, a navy dark blue short skirt and black and purple pair of trainers. She was wearing a black pair of thin frame glasses. And "HOLY MEW!" Scyther jumped back as soon as the scar was noticed, it was small but seemed to have been on her face for a long time. "How did she get that?" I glanced at Scyther who rolled his shoulder to say 'how the hell do I know i'm not her.'

Slowly i picked her up and carried her, on my back to my hometown.

For some reason... I needed to know how she got here.
Is she breathing..

Wait yep she.. LIVES!!!
  1. Sasha the Eevee Master
    Sasha the Eevee Master
    Sorry I needed to add that at the end. xD LOL
    Jan 18, 2016