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Pokemon Adventures XZ YZ Part 2: Enter The Flames

by AlexNinjaDX

AlexNinjaDX While Alex travels to the Kiloude Station he meets a new ally
"C'mon Froakie we must tell Professer Sycamore about this so called Neo Flare"! Said Alex." Froakie!" Froakie replied.AAAAHAHAHAHA!
"You think you can stop us litte boy?!" A voice yelled."Who's There?" Alex questioned."Why your just a 13 year old boy Who's worthless"."Shut Up and fight me coward!" Alex yelled.ROOOOAARRR!!!!!!
"Pyroar Flamethrower!".Soon 2 buildings were on fire." Froakie use Lick" Alex commanded."Froakie!!" Froakie yelled!
"Pyroar use Take Down"
"Pyroar!!!!" It yelled.But then...WHOOOSH."What did Pyroar just go through Froakie?!".FLETCHINDER!!!!!!
Then Pyroar became covered in blue flames."Gah return you stupid lion" " I'll be back Alex!"
"How did it know my name?!" Alex Shouted."Hey guy thanks for saving us" thanked Alex."Fletch" it said."Froakie" said Froakie."You think she wants to join us Froakie?" Alex said. "Froakie!" Froakie yelled."Well Welcome Flecthinder to the team!" Alex yelled!
  1. AlexNinjaDX
    A New Ally
    Jun 8, 2015