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PMD Series: Blue Rescue Team: PMD Blue Rescue Team cha. 3: Thunderwave Cave

by SparkyLewis949

SparkyLewis949 Summer and Kaine have just received a letter from the Magne brothers, and have to save them. An epic battle ensues, and one of them gets the bigger end of it, in a negative way. But then again, Thunderwave Cave is half negative.
I stepped in front Thunderwave cave, and Kaine stepped forward. He talked to the Magne brothers while I stared at the cave. I could see electricity surging throughout the hollow structure. "Don't worry. We'll find them. Right, Summer?" I looked at him, and responded with, "Yeah, we'll find them."
We walked in and made our way down to the 3rd floor before we were attacked by any Pokemon, which was a Nidoran Female and an Elekid. "Master does not want you here! get out!" The Nidoran Female called out to me. "Let's go get em', Lapis!" The Elekid hollered out. "After you, Sigma!" Lapis called to him, and he shot electric waves towards me and Kaine. I shot past the waves, and up onto a ledge in the walls. Kaine shot water at Sigma, and Lapis shot poison spikes toward Kaine, with him dodging them. I hopped off of the ledge, and onto Sigma. He pushed me off, and shot electric beams at me.
I tried to get back up, shaking violently. "Summer!" Kaine yelled out, and angrily looked over to Lapis and Sigma. He shot water at them, but it was different than last time. It was a much bigger, harder shot. "Lapis! Run!" Sigma called out, and they ran out. I got up, and walked a bit, when I fell over, and couldn't proceed to walk. I blacked out, but not before seeing Kaine run towards me.
"Thank you for saving us!" I heard someone call out when I came to. "I'm Magnet, and this is Magne. I'll join your group!" Magnet said. "We really don't need the help, but we do have some areas we need to be filled up. You can live there if you want." Kaine said. And as the Magne brothers and their friends walked to their new home, and we walked to our home, and we saw a filled up mailbox in the dark of night.