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One Final Battle - Chapter 2

by NocturnalNetwork

NocturnalNetwork #summercamp15 A bit longer and crazier chapter. Enjoy the madness, as usual.
Aaron watched the stage of Magicant disappear at distance as he held tight his jetpack. Blake had insisted to use them, since 'he was too heavy to carry around every freaking stage.' At least, it was a bit easier and he didn't need to avoid a flaming tail.

"So, what's the plan?" He asked to the Charizard, staring at him with his bright red eyes.

"Find Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Greninja and Mewtwo, convince them to help, go back to Battlefield, see who's next. Got it?" The dragon replied, moving his gaze to the horizon ahead them. "There! Lumiose City!"

Looking at the huge white tower that totally didn't resemble the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Aaron let out a sigh. "Home, sweet home."

"Home? You were born here?" Blake looked at the Lucario, confused.

"Well. Yeah. Some trainer was walking around Prism Tower, and then I hatched."

"Such a profund story, eh."

Turning their heads to the sounds of a battle, Aaron spotted Pikachu and Jigglypuff watch Flying-types fly around the tower while Greninja and Mewtwo battled. It seemed that they were fighting for a long time, as Greninja seemed to be about to faint of exaustion.

"*cough* Hello?" Aaron said, louder than he expected.

All four turned to him, Greninja nearly sleeping while standing there.

"Well. We have a villain. We need you to help." He continued, Mewtwo narrowing his small eyes.

"And what do we get doing that?" The legendary asked, scornfully.

"What about not becaming a trophy?" Blake growled. The NFC fighters usually asked to be paid before fighting, and he knew that, but considering that Lucas accepted right away, he thought they were in a lucky break.

"That...seems enough...to me..." Greninja croaked, Jigglypuff Pounding him to keep the frog awake. Then, both kawaii Pokémon nodded.

"Well, fight me, and if you win I'll help you. Otherwise, nope." Mewtwo answered, looking at Aaron.

The Lucario nodded.

"Blake, take those three to the Battlefield. I'm gonna fight Mewtwo." He cracked his fists, staring at the legend with his red eyes narrowed.

Blake nodded, while Pikachu and Jigglypuff jumped onto his back. Greninja lazily grabbed a Smoke Ball and threw it on the ground, disappearing. The Charizard flied away, launching the Lucario a last look.

Win this battle.

Aaron nodded, preparing his fists to fight. Mewtwo wasn't a normal opponent to be fought. "Brought an elephant? Because you're gonna be stomped."

Mewtwo did not hesitate, and replied back. "Brought your test? Because it's gonna get wrong."

A loud voice rang through the stage. Both Pokémon wished that the commentator had brought a smaller megaphone. Because that one seemed to want to explode their heads out.


Mewtwo quickly jumped to the opponent and used Confusion quickly as Aaron charged an Aura Sphere. He tried to dodge, but was hit by the attack.

"Ow." He growled, grabbing Mewtwo and throwing it up. The Lucario then jumped and used his up air attack. Mewtwo, however, dodged and used his down aerial, launching Aaron to the ground.

"You're dead meat, Aaron." And then, Mewtwo charged a stupidly big Shadow Ball and threw it at him, launching him almost off-stage, but he managed to recover.

"...Not." Noticing his aura, still purple from before, but shining a lot more, he rushed to Mewtwo, attempting a Force Palm, but Mewtwo was faster and used Disable, stunning Aaron.

Ready to land a final blow, Mewtwo fully charged his down smash, and threw Aaron to the side. He recovered, but Mewtwo had realized where would he land and used an up smash, knocking out the fighting type.

All became black to Aaron. He opened his eyes, and he was surrounded by four trees, and the grass where he was seemed to have been stepped by many generations of cats.

StarClan? This isn't even Warriors!

Blinking again, a weird force passed through his body. It refreshed him, while he looked below him. His opponent was looking at the Lucario, ready to attack after the two seconds of invulnerability. Passed that time, Aaron jumped to Mewtwo, and charged an Aura Sphere as he did last time.

Mewtwo, surprised that Aaron had done the same thing again, did not hesitate and used Confusion. However, the Lucario had disappeared.

Confused, he looked around, to see a long black paw ready to kick him. It was so fast he couldn't try to dodge or shield, still, it seemed to pass in slow motion. He was thrown off-stage, and lost one lif-- oops. The narrator meant stock, she is reading too much Warriors. Give her a break, tbh.

Mewtwo reappeared after the red explosion in a small platform, shining a white light. The legend was still invulnerable, though, but Aaron jumped to him. Mewtwo attempted to use a Disable, and the Lucario was stunned once again. With a Shadow Ball, he was thrown to the other side of the stage, which was growing and diminishing all the time.

Aaron ran back and used a Force Palm, his aura glowing stronger and stronger. Mewtwo was thrown back, but used Teleport and reappeared next to the Lucario, landing a front strong attack, which he shielded and responded with a grab. Throwing the legend away, he grabbed an Ore Club quickly and used a forward smash, knocking out the psychic type again.

This time, however, Mewtwo didn't return.

So, we only had two stocks? Probably from the fight with Greninja. He thought, while yelling to the sky that he won and Mewtwo needed to come with him, as he won.


When they got to Battlefield, there was a hatch on the ground. Aaron opened it to see...Robin with a broken arm (possibly from a fight with someone) talking to himself and thinking how would they win the final battle, Lucina fangirling over Marth and asking him a lot of questions while he sweatdropped, Roy sharpening his sword, Pikachu and Jigglypuff using Blake's tail as a jumprope while he was with a seriously pissed off face, Greninja sleeping on a sofa, while Ness and Lucas were inventing weird move names such as PK Mute that the Lucario seriously wished that existed.

"Finally, you're back. Blake told me everything, that you had to fight with Mewtwo so he would come with you." Robin asked, finally noticing Aaron there. "Is it with you?"

"Yup." Aaron replied, showing a Mewtwo with a really awkward face behind him. "And when you lose a stock you go to StarClan even though we aren't in Warriors. Don't question."


"How did you broke your arm?"

"I was meteor smashed by an Arceus, while I tried to calm it down."

"Ah. What's next?"

"We still have Pit, Dark Pit, Palutena, and all those guys from Mario Bros."

"Then let's go--"

"HEY!" A female voice that wasn't from anyone there came from behind. A girl, with white hair and in clothes similar to Robin's, showed up. "And we lose all the fun?"

"Female Robin?!" Aaron exclaimed.

"What the?!" Mewtwo joined in.



"I guess you can come with me...Robin." Robin (the male one) said. "After all, I won't do much with a broken arm."

Robin (the female one)'s eyes shone.

"Well. Let's go then. To Reset Bomb!"