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Mafia Writings (2011 Reboot): Omake

by Shiny Pyxis

Shiny Pyxis Surprisingly, I'm still really proud of this piece, probably because of its silly nature. Takes place during a rather long pause that occurred between Night 3 and Day 4.
Shiny walked to the chatroom, looking for a particular someone to talk you. It's been three freaking days already... she thought to herself. Nothing was happening back in the non-virtual world, and the girl was bored out of her mind. Imagine having to study for the same test every day for three months. Yeah, that's how bored Shiny was.


A guy turned around, with something that looked like a popsicle in his mouth. He took the icy deliciousness out and asked, "What's up, Lyn?"

Shiny pointed at the door, and said, "Mafia. Post. Topic. NAO."

"Gosh Lyn, I'm not your kid-"

"NOW! No excuses."

Data sighed, popping his popsicle back in his mouth before he slowly shuffled out of the chatroom. Shiny looked on with glee before she took Data's spot. Kicking back, she looked around and said, "So, 'sup, guys?"


Shiny looked at the topic outside of the room, and smirked with satisfaction. Yes, she was quite happy alright. But then, right in front of her eyes, the letters on the topic suddenly rearranged themselves.

"August 3rd to next Thurs-" At this, Shiny dashed back to the chatroom, and demanded, "What is the meaning of this, Data?"

Alex, who was sitting on top of something that looked too much like a throne, looked at Database with a smug look on his face. "Looks like you took my advice to elongate the days, huh?"

Ffffffft. The girl glanced at the "Godfather", and could almost imagine the trollface dancing around in place of his head. It even seemed to be asking, "You mad?"

"Yes, I'm mad," Shiny mumbled to herself. "I'm very, very mad."