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by SmolLimon

SmolLimon Just so you know, there will be multiple things from FNAF or other stuff in the story
"Hey Satomi-san, do you have the notes for our tests?" a student asked a jet-black haired girl with a ribbon on her head. "Of course!" she says.
"Thank you-"
"Class, we have a new student. Her name is Nico Ibuki. Be nice to her and show her respect," the homeroom teacher says while a cyan-haired girl appeared next to her. "Hi.." Nico quietly says.
Satomi and the other students suddenly stood up. They began to introduce themselves. Satomi was the last one to introduce herself. "Hi there! I'm Satomi Hashimoto and I'm the class rep and it's nice to have you here in our class!"
The bell for lunch rang and everyone grabbed their box lunches. During their lunch break, Nico saw a girl with a red jacket covering her school uniform. "Hey, wanna come eat with me?" she asked the girl and she came over to Nico.
A few moments later, Nico and the girl finished their lunch. "Anyway, what's your name?" Nico asked the girl. "My name is Milo. Milo Shizuku," the girl replies.
"My name is Nico Ibuki," Nico warmly smiles.
"I know you! The teacher told me about you when I came back from the nurse's office!"
"Oh crud, lunch break is over!"
"Hey Nico, we're in the same class. We can write each other notes."
"Okay then. See you in class!"
"Oh my gosh! Is that blood?" a scream came from the hallway of the 1st floor of the Sakura Blessing Middle School.
"I have to tell the teacher!" one student said while seeing the dead body. Students were scattered about, scared for their lives.
"This is a tragedy," the teacher looked down at the body and reached in her pocket to get her phone, "There has been a murder at the Sakura Blessing Middle School." Nico walked out of her classroom to get her things. "What happened?!" she exclaimed.
"There's been a murder here," a students says to Nico.

"Who would do that terrible thing?"

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