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my pokemon leaf green nuzlocke

by bluehedgehog

bluehedgehog the adventure of a pokemon trainer named justin lanchester as he gose though the kanto regoin

(I am not going to go move by move in the battles just battle dialog and this is just for fun I own none of this)

Location: Justin’s home second floor

Justin’s inner thoughts: Why do I even bother with this old thing? Then NES sucks! Wait didn’t Oak want to see me about something? Better stop playing and go see what he wanted.

Location: Oak’s lab

Justin: Umm where is the old man?

Joseph (rival): Not here. I don’t want know where he could be it’s a small town with like two houses and a lab.

Justin: Don’t forget the homeless people walking around. In any case I’m going to leave town and see if he is in the next town.

Joseph: Don’t get killed.

Justin: I won’t.

Location: Pallet town

Justin: Well here I go.

Professor Oak: Wait!

Justin: Oh my Arceus! Where did you come from!?

Professor Oak: I don’t know. But it’s not safe to go alone but come with me back to my lab and we can fix that.

Location: Oak’s lab

Joseph: It’s about time I have been here all day!

Oak: Why? Oh right I told you to meet me here. Just wait. Justin there are three Pokémon here I want you to have one of these.

Joseph: Wait! Why does he get to go first?

Oak: Because I said so! And you will get one so chill.

(Justin walks over to the table)

Justin: hmm…

Charmander: Come on pick me I breathe fire!

Squirtle: That’s a lie she only knows scratch.

(Charmander jumps across the table and used scratch on Squirtle’s eye then Squirtle starts crying in pain)

Balbusuar: Hey. Hey kid look what I can do. Rrrrrr (two vines shot out of Balbusuar’s back) heh, heh.

Charmander: Yeah that’s great. Look what is he going to do (pointing a Squirtle crying) squirt water? Yeah that’s fantastic.

Squirtle: My eyes they hurt so much! I think they are bleeding!

Charmander: Then there is this thing (pointing a Balbusuar) I don’t even know what that is some kind of vegetable?

Balbusuar (looking at the vines in his back): Now how do I put them back in?

Charmander: Then there is me the walking flamethrower. What would you rather have in a battle?

Squirtle: Don’t listen to her the first gym is rock type you will get killed I you pick her! I on the other hand double as a floatation devise in event of an emergence.

Charmander: That has to be the dumbest thing you have ever said.

Joseph: Just hurry up in choose.

Justin: Charmander and what do you think of the name Amber?

Amber: I like it! (Looks back at the two on the table) WHAT NOW!

Joseph: Justin you are an idiot you should have picked Squirtle which is what I’m picking.

Justin: Joe if you really think I’m an idiot then put your money where your mouth is and battle me and then we will see who made the right choice!

Joseph: You’re on!

Battle begins

Justin: Amber you ready!?

Amber: This is going to be quick!

Battle ends

Joseph: Justin you got lucky this time but you won’t be next time.

Justin: I look forward to it.

Location: Viridian city (mart)

Cashier: Hey, you’re from pallet town! Take this to Oak it just arrived for him.

Justin: And if I don’t?

Cashier: Then you won’t be able to buy supplies anywhere I have connections and can see to it. Plus I will cut you if you don’t.

Justin: Back to town it is then!

Location: Oak’s lab

Oak: Justin what are you doing back here?

Justin: I got this from the cashier at the mart in Viridian.

Joseph: Hey Oak wasn’t there something else you wanted?

Oak: Right I wanted to give you two these. This is a pokedex and… (Justin fades out) AND…

Justin: What!?

Oak: These pokeballs so you can catch other Pokémon.

Justin: Cool.

Location: Route 1

Amber: Well Oak wanted us to catch new Pokémon so be might want to start here.

Justin: Sure why not.

Battle begins

Justin (sarcastically): Oh boy a Rattata. Let’s catch it.

Amber: Okay then.

Battle ends Rattata was caught

Justin: I guess we will call you Timantha (Honestly I couldn’t think of anything and it fit in the space I had to work with). Now let’s go train.

Location: Viridian city

R.I.P Timantha

Amber: Can’t believe she didn’t make it I mean that Pidgey just came out of nowhere and kill her.

Justin: Well that’s life hey let’s go see what Pokémon are on the route over there.

Amber: How can you be so heartless?!

Justin: She was with us for like two minutes what am I supposed to do? Cry over someone I don’t know?

Amber: Good point.

Location: route 22 (well that escalated quickly)

Battle begins

Justin: Cool a Mankey!

Amber: Let me guess you want to catch it.

Justin: Yeah!

Battle ends Mankey was caught

Justin: I’m going to call him Goku.

Goku: I’m itching for a good fight right now.

One training session later…

Joseph: Justin if you are planning to take on the Pokémon league then forget it you need eight badges before you can do that.

Justin: Good to know.

Joseph: So how about that rematch?

Justin: Fine by me.

Battle begins

Justin: Amber you ready!?

Amber: Yeah I am!

Ten minutes later…

Amber: How about you take a swing at this Goku!?

Goku: Let me at them! It’s time for me to scratch that itch!

Battle ends Justin is the winner

Joseph: Just wait I will beat you sooner or later!

Justin: Comeback anytime you want to try again.

Joseph: I’m going to hold you to that see you later.

Amber: Well I guess we should head the other way.

Justin: Alright then.

Location: route two

Battle begins

Justin: Hey it’s a Pidgey! I’m going to catch it!

Goku: Fine by me!

Battle ends Pidgey was caught

Justin: I’m going to call him Wildstar.

Wildstar: I can live with that.

One training session later…

Location: Viridian forest

Battle begins

Justin: Nice a Pikachu!

Amber: Oh we are so catching it!

Battle ends Pikachu was caught

Justin: Well I’m going to call you Sparket.

Sparket: Works for me.

One training session and several trainer battles later…

Location: Pewter city

Justin: Now off to the gym and get our first badge!

Goku: I’m all for it but I think we need a rest first.

Justin: Fine. A quick rest and a quick cup of coffee …THEN to the gym to get our first badge!

One quick rest a cup of coffee and a few gym trainers later

Location: Pewter city gym

Brock: Aaaa. It seems we have a challenger.

Justin: Can we just get this over with?

Battle begins

Justin: Wildstar show him what you are made of!

Wildstar: Got it!

One minute later…

Wildstar: Help… me…

Goku: Let me handle this!

Battle ends Justin is the winner and got the Boulder badge

Brock: Take this CD and get out.

Justin (looking at the CD): I don’t know why but I hate these things already.

Location: just outside Pewter city

Guy in a lab coat: Hey Justin!

Justin: Do I know you?

Lab assistant: I’m one of Oaks lab assistances any way your mom wanted me to bring this to you.

Justin (opening the box): My shoes? How can my shoes be in the box when I’m wearing them right… (Looks down at his feet and notices he doesn’t have any shoes on)… now. How did I forget to put these on?

Lab assistant: Well I have to get back to the lab (leaves)

Amber: Hurry up and put your shoes on so we can get going.

One training session and several trainer battles later…

Location: Route three

Battle begins

Justin: Umm is that a Jigglypuff!?

Amber: With a marker and why does it look like it’s about to sing!?

Justin: Okay let’s try to catch it be for its starts singing!

Amber: I’m getting… (Falls asleep)

Justin: (yawn) this isn’t good must kill or catch…

Battle ends Jigglypuff was caught

Justin: I’m going to call you… (Yawn) Jiggyly. (Falls asleep)

Location: pewter city Pokémon center

Justin (waking up): Huh? Wait how did I get here?

Nurse Joy: Some nice trainer with a Squirtle found you asleep on route three.

Justin: A Squirtle? (Inner thoughts: Joseph).

Nurse Joy: While you were a sleep we healed your Pokémon and put that Jigglypuff in the PC.

Justin: Umm thanks well I got to go.

Even more training and trainer battles later…

Location: MT. Moon

Battle begins

Justin: It’s a…a…a… Zubat…

Sparket: You okay?

Justin (twitching): Zubat…Zu…Zu…Zubat….

Goku: I think we have lost him.

Amber: Well let’s hope killing this thing snaps him out of this!

Battle ends Zubat was killed in a fiery inferno

Justin (snaps back to his senses): Oh thank Arceus it’s gone. This happens every time I see a zubat and I don’t know why. At any rate let’s get going.

One training session and several trainer battles later…

Justin: Umm do you guys think that he is a member of M.I.B?

Amber: No he has a big red R on his chest!

Justin: Well I’m going to go ask if he is.

Goku: I don’t think this is a good Idea.

Wildstar: Yeah I with them on this one.

Sparket: Fine you guys stay here I’m going with him.

Wildstar: Why?

Sparket: I have always wanted to meet a member of M.I.B!

Wildstar: Wha… Whaa…but… you know what fine you two go.

(Justin walks over to the guy in black)

Justin: Hey dude, are you a member of Men in Black?

Rocket grunt: Are you stupid or something? I am a member of Team Rocket!

Justin: So what you’re saying is you are a member?

Rocket grunt: I’m a Pokémon gangster!

(Justin and Sparket stare blackly at him)

Rocket grunt: I’M EVIL!

Justin: Evil! Battle!

Battle begins

Justin: Sparket make this quick!

Sparket: Got it!

Battle ends Justin is the winner

Justin: Okay guys let’s get going.

Even more training and trainer battles later…

Justin: Whoa! What’s with the glowing Amber?

Wildstar: She is evolving.

Justin: Okay as long as she doesn’t explode into a million pieces.

Amber: Yeah that would not be fun! And look the exit!

Location: route four

Battle begins

Justin: Hey it’s a Sandshrew! And I’m out of pokeballs… great!

Goku: So we are not catching it!? Fine by me!

Battle ends Sandshrew died

Location: Cerulean city

Joseph: Justin!

Justin: Huh? Oh its you.By the way thanks for dragging me to the center when you found me on route three.

Joseph: Don’t mention it. And now I want a rematch.

Justin: Alright let’s do this!

Battle begins

Justin: Sparket you are up first!

Sparket: this is going to be easy!

Ten minutes later…

Goku: I want a turn!

Sparket: Don’t let me stop you!

Battle ends Justin is the winner

Joseph: Hey Justin you should go see bill he created the PC storage system we have been using.

Justin: I’ll do that.

Joseph: See you later. (Walks away)

One training session and several trainer battles later…

Location: route 25

Wildstar: Hey I’m evolving!

Goku: I bet you will be a giant fire breathing bird that farts ice cream!

Amber: WHAT!?

Justin: Or a just a bigger version of you.

Sparket: I’m with Justin on this one.

Wildstar: I hate it when you two are right.

Even more training and trainer battles later…

Location: bill’s house

Sparket: Hey guys let’s play a game while we wait for Bill to show up we can use that Pokémon over there as a ball!

Bill: I’m not a Pokémon! My name is Bill I was doing an experiment when something went wrong and I got turned in to a Pokémon!

Justin: Aaaa it thinks it’s people.

Bill: Can one of you it the button on my computer so I can fix this?

Amber: I got this.

(Bill steps in to the big machine in the room lights flash and walks out)

Bill: Finally I’m me again!

Justin: You are a very smart Pokémon you turned yourself in to a human. Hey maybe you can tell me where Bill went?

Bill: I am Bill!

Justin: Sure you are.

Bill: I take it you are the one Joseph was taking about. Here just take this and just go away it’s an invite for a party on a boat maybe it will sink while you are on it.

Justin: I love parties!

Amber: No party until you beat the gym

Justin: But…

Amber: I will set you on fire if you don’t.

Justin: Fine.

Several gym trainers later…

Location: Cerulean gym

Leader Misty: You’re a new face and OH MY ARCEUS! YOU HAVE A CHARMILON!

Justin: Yes and you are in a bikini can we battle now?

Battle begins

Justin: Sparket your up!

Sparket: I will make this quick!

Ten minutes later…

Sparket: Tag out!

Goku: Then tag me in!

Three minutes later…

Goku: Umm help!

Wildstar: Let me show you how it’s done!

One minute later…

Wildstar (climbing out of the water): I got wet!

Amber: Let me handle this!

Eleven minutes later…

Amber: I hate water!

Sparket: Let me give this another shot!

Battle ends Justin is the winner and got the Cascade badge plus a CD

Justin: So much hate for such a small little disk.

Location: outside random house in cerulean city

Police officer: These people have been robed.

Justin: Uh-Hu. So I’m just going to go inside now.

Location: inside the random house

Justin: Hey cool a hole in the wall!

Location: Outside

Justin: Oh joy another one of you.

Rocket grunt: You won’t stop me!

Battle begins

Justin: Make this quick Wildstar!

Wildstar: Can do!

Battle ends

Rocket grunt: Here take the CD.

Justin: And why would I… and he is gone.

One training session and several trainer battles later…

Location: route 6

Battle begins

Justin: Hey it’s a Meowth! Now Goku don’t kill it!

Goku: If want to catch it then I shouldn’t be the one to weaken it!

Sparket: I’ll do it!

Battle ends Meowth was caught

Justin: hmm I will call you General.

General: (hiss)

Justin: Umm okay then.

One training session and several trainer battles later…

Location: route 11

Battle begins

Justin: A Drowzee!

Amber: Okay I will just use one tenth of my strength!

Battle ends Drowzee was burned to a crisp

Amber: Oops.

Location: Pokémon fan club

Chairman: Hey young man let me tell you about me and my Pokémon our story begins in the 15th century…

Nine hours later…

Chairman: … and that’s how I save Christmas!

Justin: (snoring). Huh what?

Chairman: For actually listening to my story I am going to give you this. You can trade it for a bike at the bike shop.

Justin: (yawn) sure thanks whatever bye.

Location: bike shop

Justin: Here take this and give me my free bike.

Shop owner: This is an invite to a party on a boat.

Justin: Oops wrong one.

Shop owner: Take you pick you can have any bike in here.

Justin: Umm I want that one hanging on the wall.

Shop owner: But that’s a motocross bike you can’t have that.

Justin: Hey you said any bike and a motocross bike is indeed bikes now help me get it down or you will have a massive lawsuit on your hands.

Shop owner: (sigh) Fine.

Justin: Now to crash that party!

Location: S.S. Anne

A lot of over partying some trainer battles and throwing up later…

(Justin vomiting in a trash can)

Amber: So what did you learn?

Justin: Nothing and I never will!

Sparket: What did I do last night?

Wildstar: We haven’t seen you in a week.

Justin: Wait I just spent a whole week partying none stop?

Goku: Yeah.

Justin and Sparket: New record! This call for another party!

Amber: NO!

Justin: Fine better find out what I did all week.

Amber: You battled a lot of people then the captain challenged you to a game of his choice and then we didn’t see you for couple of days.

Some wandering around trying to piece together what happen that week later…

Justin: Well the only one I haven’t talked to is the captain.

Joseph: Justin!?

Justin: Aaaa Not so loud my head hurts.

Joseph: I came to talk to the captain about a CD but he just kept saying something about losing a challenge. I think he is crazy. Hey you up for a rematch?

Justin: Sure!

Battle begins

Justin: Sparket!

Sparket: Shhh!

Ten minutes later…

Sparket: Okay my head hurts I’m done here!

Goku: Guess I’m up then!

Battle ends Justin is the winner

Joseph: Son of a female Growlithe! Well at any rate I will see you later.

Justin: Why is everyone so loud?

Sparket: I don’t know but I think that is there captain.

Captain: (Throws up in the trash) how is it I lost I’m Irish, Russian and Canadian!?(Throws up)

Justin: Um captain?

Captain: You! How is it you beat me?

Justin: I don’t know but…

Captain: Just take this and leave me alone!

Justin (sarcastically): Oh boy a CD. I guess I will go challenge the gym. (Leaves)

Several gym trainers later…

Justin: I’m here to challenge the gym leader and crush his or her spirit.

Leader LT. Surge (in a deep intimidating voice): YOU DARE CHALLENGE ME!

Justin (in an intimidated tone): umm…

Leader LT. Surge (in a deep intimidating voice): YOU WANNA GO!

Justin (in an intimidated tone): …Help…

Leader LT. Surge (in a deep intimidating voice): A KID LIKE YOU WOULDN’T STAND A CHANCE AGAINTS ME!

Justin: what was that?

Leader LT. Surge (in a deep intimidating voice): A KID LIKE…

Justin: Yeah, that’s what I thought you said.

Leader LT. Surge (in a deep intimidating voice): SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT LIITLE MAN!

Battle begins

Justin: Amber you’re up!

Amber: This is going to be quick!

Twelve minutes later…

Amber: General why do you take a swing at this.

General: (hiss) Okay!

Nineteen minutes later…

Sparket: It’s not possible…

General: What!?

Sparket: That’s my brother!

Wildstar: That Raichu is your brother!?

Sparket: Yeah, now move out of my way!

Battle ends Justin is the winner and got the Thunder badge plus a CD

LT. Surge (crying): Don’t hurt me.

Justin: Don’t ever call me a kid! (Leaves)

One training session and several trainer battles later…

Location: Rock tunnel

Battle begins

Justin: Zubat kill it!

General: Okay relax!

Battle ends

Justin: It’s so dark in here.

Amber: I can barely see anything.

Wildstar: Looks like we are wandering around in the dark till we find the exit.

Some wandering around in the dark one training session and a couple of trainer battles later…

Justin: Oh no there is a light at the end of the tunnel I’m dead this is horrible!

Goku: No it’s the exit.

Amber: At last!

Location: Lavender town

Justin: Hmm that giant tower looks interesting let’s go check it out after a quick rest.

One quick rest later…

Location: Pokémon tower

Justin: Joseph I didn’t expect to see you here!

Joseph (possessed echo in his voice): You…

Justin: Dude… you okay?

Joseph (possessed echo in his voice): I will not let his death be in vain… I will beat you and avenge him!

Justin: That’s a no.

Battle begins

Justin: Maybe if we beat him he will snap out of this!

Sparket: It’s worth a shot!

Two hours later…

Sparket: Okay I can’t keep this up.

Wildstar: Then tag me in!

Thirty minutes later…

Wildstar (rolling around on fire): Aaaa!

General: let me show you all how it’s done!

Forty-five minutes later…

Goku: Let me trade places with you are going to die!

General: Relax, I got this…

(General gets tossed a cross the room in to a tombstone that brakes in two crushing and killing him)

Goku: Aaaaaaaaaaa!

Battle ends Justin is the winner

Goku: Aaaaaaaaaaa! (Starts to evolve)

Justin: Goku?

Goku: Aaaa!

Joseph (possessed echo in his voice): Now you know my pain!

Amber: Umm. That didn’t work.

Justin: Don’t worry. I got a plain B.

Joseph (possessed echo in his voice): Hahahaha…

(Justin punches Joseph in the face knocking him out cold)


Justin: You had a better idea?

Amber: Well… No. but how do you know that it will work.

Justin: I don’t I’m just going to hope for the best. So let’s bury general and get going.

(R.I.P General)

One sad funeral followed by a training session and several trainer battles later…

Location: top floor of a random building in Celadon city

(In Justin’s head)

Justin: Random pokeball on a table maybe if I’m really quiet I can take it without that guy noticing.

Amber: Justin. Don’t do it.

Justin: Aaaa! What are you doing in here?

Amber: I don’t know. But don’t take that pokeball.

Justin: Okay I will make a deal with you if I can get it without him noticing then I keep it if not then you get so set me on fire whenever you want.

Amber: Deal!

(Real world)

(Justin sneaks across the room in a ninja suit over to the pokeball while tripping over everything and breaking several vases in the process gets the ball and gets out without being noticed for some reason)

Amber: You had luck on your side.

Justin: No its called skill (trips and falls down the stairs)

Location: outside the building

Justin: Okay let’s see what in this thing (ball opens) hey cool an Eevee.

Sean: Hey there, my name is Sean.

Justin: How would you like to join us on our journey?

Sean: And what journey is that?

Justin: To be the very best.

Sean: Like no one ever was.

(Team rocket grunt in the city start to sing the original opening to the Pokémon anime
[if you are listening to the song now wait until it ends before continuing and try to imagine the grunt doing a really bad dance routine])


Sean: And yeah I will go with you guys its better than sitting in a ball on a table doing nothing all day.

One training secession and several trainer battles later…

Justin: Hey look a casino! Let’s go gamble!

Location: game corner

Sean: Hey why is that guy staring at that poster?

Justin: Well let’s find out.

Rocket Grunt: I’m doing nothing suspicious! BATTLE!

Battle begins

Justin: Sean make this quick!

Sean: It will be!

Battle ends Justin is the winner

Rocket grunt: Panic mode! (Throws a smoke bomb)

Justin: (cough) look pretty red button.

Goku: Don’t do it Justin.

Justin: But…

Amber: No!

Justin: Fine.

Sparket: Must push … RED BUTTON!

Button: click.

(A hidden stair case was reviled)

Wildstar: I think we just found a team rocket base.

Sean: Let’s go check it out.

Several grunt battles later…

Location: rocket base

Justin: Alright who is in charge here?

Giovanni (with a really thick Italian ascent [think Mario]): I am. The is name Giovanni.

Justin: You. Me. Battle. Now!

Battle begins

Justin: Goku your up!

Goku: This is going to be fun!

Fifty nine minutes later…

Goku: It’s almost over!

(Kangaskhan punches Goku and flies into the wall snapping his necking upon impact)

Amber: Rrrrrr! That’s it! That thing is going down!

Battle ends Justin is the winner and Amber set Kangaskhan on fire burning it to a crisp

Giovanni (with a really thick Italian ascent [think Mario]): What a fool actually caring for you Pokémon. We will meet again. (Throws a smoke bomb and disappears)

Justin: Rrrrrr… what’s this? Looks like goggles of some sort.

Sean: And there is a letter attached to it.

(Justin reads the letter)

Letter: With this you can see the unseen.

Wildstar: Well that was a waste of paper.

Justin: Okay lets go give Goku a proper burial.

One sad funeral later…

(R.I.P Goku)

Location: Pokémon tower

Sean: Why are we here this place gives me the creeps.

Justin: I don’t know why but I feel like something is not right here in the tower and we are going to find out what!

Battle begins

Justin: It’s a Gastly!

Amber: It might know all the ins and outs of this place!

Battle ends Gastly was caught

Justin: Let’s call you Hollow. And you are going to need some training.

Hollow: Alright when do we start?

One training session and several possessed trainer battles later…

Justin: Hey cool Hollow is evolving!

Sparket: I bet she will be able to breathe fire!

Amber: I do that. Breathing fire is my thing!

Hollow: Or I look more evil.

Justin: That works too… Now back to training!

Even more training and trainer battles later…

???: Back again I see…

Justin: Wait I recognize that echo.

Sean: But I don’t see any one.

???: Losing one wasn’t enough…

Amber: It must be the sprit that possessed Joseph…

Wildstar: Wait! Remember what the letter said!

Justin: “With this you can see the unseen.” Alright let’s see what you really look like!

Battle begins

Justin: A Marowak!

Hollow: Let me handle this! After all I am a spirit too.

Battle ends

Marowak spirit: Aaaaaaaaaaa! (Disappears)

Justin: Something still feels off about this place.

Wildstar: Maybe because of all the dead Pokémon I here! Let’s get out of here.

Amber: Hey is that a Team Rocket hat?

Sparket: Then the must be up stairs.

Justin: Let’s go!

Several grunt battles later…

Justin: Hey old man you alright?

Mr. Fugi: Heh what? Where am I? Who you? I’m Mr. Fugi.

Justin: That’s a yes.

Mr. Fugi: Hey come with me back to my place I have something you might find use full

Location: Mr. Fugi’s house

Justin: Don’t be a CD. Don’t be a CD. Don’t be a CD. Don’t be a CD.

Mr. Fugi: Take this pokeflute.

Justin: I take it back can I have a CD.

Mr. Fugi: You can use it to wake sleeping Pokémon.

Justin: Gee thanks…

One training session and several trainer battles later…


Justin: Umm okay so how do we get passed this thing?

Sean: We wake it up I guess.

Several attempts to wake the sleeping Pokémon later…

Wildstar: Hey what about that flute?

Justin: Hey yeah! (Takes it out of his bag and proceeds to hit the sleeping Pokémon with it)

Wildstar: I meant play it.

Justin: Ohhh…

(Justin plays the pokeflute
[finish the song then continue])

Battle begins

Justin: A Snorlax!

Sparket: I will try not to kill it!

Battle ends Snorlax was caught

Justin: We’ll call him Trollusuar.

Trollusuar: Yeah sure whatever got any food?

Wildstar: Now what?

Amber I think there was a gym back in Celadon.

Justin: Back to Celadon city!

Location: celadon city

Justin: Now to the gym!

Several gym trainers later

Location: gym

Leader Erika: I love nature.

Justin: I hate it.

Leader Erika: How dare you say that!

Battle begins

Justin: Sean try to make this quick!

Sean: Can do!

Thirty two minutes later…

Sean: Tag out!

Hollow: Then let me in there!

Battle ends Justin is the winner and got the Rainbow badge plus a CD

Justin: Wow this is sad I didn’t even set one of them on fire. (Leaves)

Erika: Did he say fire?

One training session and several trainer battles later…

Location: safari zone

Sean: Why are we here?

Justin: There are supposed to be some cool Pokémon here.

Wildstar: Makes sense.

Battle begins

Justin: Oh my Arceus! A Dratini!

Amber: Then get it don’t just stand there!

Battle ends Dratini was caught

Justin: I will call you Dart.

Drat: Alright!

Alright we need to train you but I don’t have the time to do it so…

Location: route 5 daycare

Justin: … So this guy is going to do it.

Day care man: okay stop by later to see how he is doing.

(Dart was left at the day care)

Location: Saffron city

Sean: Wow look at all the team rocket members.

Wildstar: They seem to be guarding that large building.

Amber: Bet they are up there partying about a successful take over.

Justin: Then let’s crash that party.

Location: Silph co. building

Several grunt battles later…

Joseph: Hey Justin.

Justin: Umm hey.

Joseph: Hey would you happen to know how I got this black eye?

Justin: No. No idea…so you up for a rematch?

Joseph: You’re on!

Battle begins

Justin: Sparket your up!

Sparket: I will make this quick!

Ten minutes later…

Sparket: Okay I’m bored so someone else take over!

Trollusuar: Maybe I can eat them?!

Thirty minutes later…

Hollow: I better take over before he eats his team!

Battle ends

Joseph: See you around. (Leaves)

Random guy: wow. What a battle here take this Lapras.

Justin: Okay then. I guess we will call her… Loc Ness and she is going to the PC never to be seen again.

A couple grunt battles later…

Giovanni (with a really thick Italian ascent [think Mario]): We meet again.

Justin: Shut up and battle.

Battle begins

Justin: Sean!

Sean: Got it!

Twenty minutes later…

Sean: This is going to be…(looks up and sees Nidoqueen flying through the air and come crashing down)

(Sean goes spat underneath Nidoqueen)

Justin: That was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen!

Hollow: They are going to pay for this!

One hour later…

Hollow: Sparket switch with me!

Sparket: Got it!

Battle ends

Giovanni (with a really thick Italian ascent [think Mario]): You are really starting to become a thorn in my side. (Throws a smoke bomb)

CEO: Good show! Here take this as a reward.

Justin: A purple pokeball?

CEO: It’s called the master ball and it can catch anything in one shot.

Justin: cool. (Cleans up what is left of Sean then leaves)

One sad funeral later…

(R.I.P Sean)

Location: route 5 day care

Justin: I will be taking Dart back now.

Day care man: But dart needs to spend more time…

Justin: Yeah don’t care I train him myself. (Leaves)

(Justin picked Dart up from the daycare)

One training session and several trainer battles later…

Amber: Justin Dart is evolving

Justin: Taking all bets here what do you think dart will evolve into.

Hollow: 20 on only a size change!

Trollusuar: 10on into something edible!

Sparket: 100 on into a giant fire breathing chicken!

Amber: Better not breathe fire!

Wildstar: 5 on into robot!

Justin: And the winner is… Hollow! Alright, enough betting back to training.

Even more training and trainer battles later…

Amber: Justin…

Justin: Let me guess Wildstar

Amber: Yeah.

Justin: And he changed in to an even bigger bird.

Amber: Uh Hu.

Wildstar: Bring it on!

A lot more training and trainer battles later …

(At some point I’m going to run out of trainers to fight)

Sparket: It’s Amber this time.

Justin: OH COME ON!

Amber: Relax.

Justin: I will when we are done training.

(You get the point) later…

Location: Fuchsia city

Justin: Okay now I can relax.

Amber: Then to the gym for another badge.

Justin: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, wait I’m the trainer so I call the shots.

Amber: Fine then. Where to?

Justin (in an unhappy tone): To the gym to get another badge.

Several gym trainers later…

Justin: Hey I’m here to destroy your hopes and dreams. Oh and win a badge.

Leader Koga: A badge eh? (Extends his arm and opens his hand reviling a badge) then here take it.

Justin: Really? No battle? Alright.

(Justin reaches for the badge and Koga throws it to his other open hand.)

Justin: What the?

Leader Koga: I though you wanted the badge?

Justin: I do.

Leader Koga: Then take it.

(Justin reaches for the badge and Koga throws it to his other open hand. [This goes on for a good hour and a half])

One and a half hours later…

Justin: AAAAAAAAA! That’s it I will just battle you for it!

Leader Koga: Your funeral young grass hopper.

Battle begins

Justin: Wildstar your up!

Wildstar: Let the fun begin!

Ten minutes later…

Wildstar: This isn’t fun anymore!

Dart: Finally it’s my time to shine!

Forty- five minutes later…

Dart: Tag out!

Hollow: Here let me take a swing at this!

Four minutes later…

Amber: Okay I have been on the side lines long enough!

Hollow: But!

Amber: NO I’m taking over now!

Battle ends Justin is the winner and got the Soul badge plus a CD

Justin: Take that you sad excuse for a ninja!

Koga: The student has become the master.

Justin: Shut up. (Leaves)

Location: outside the gym

Justin: Okay now what?

Amber: There is a gym in Saffron city.

Justin: How do I keep missing these gyms?

Location: Saffron city

Justin: Okay now that we are here we can go beat the gym.

Sparket and Amber: How about a nice long needed rest!

Justin: And if I say no?

Amber: Then I set you on fire.

Sparket: And I will shock the living out of you.

Justin (sarcastically): Real threatening.

(Sparket and Amber look at each other and then set Justin on fire as well as electrocute him)

Justin (burned to a crisp): Okay we will take a break.

One long rest later…

Justin: Now can we go to the gym.

Team: Okay!

Several gym trainers later…

Leader Sabrina: A challenger.

Amber: Do we really need to listen to her talk can’t we just battle?

Leader Sabrina: Yes Amber you are going to listen to me talk.

Justin: Wait you can hear her!

Leader Sabrina: With my physic powers I can read their minds… wait they are talking to you!

Justin: No…

Leader Sabrina: You’re lying.

Justin: No I’m not… Battle!

Battle begins

Justin: Trollusuar make this quick!

Trollusuar: I’ll take as long as I want!

Forty-nine minutes later…

Trollusuar: I’m bored so I’m going to take a nap!

Hollow: Wow you are lazy!

Nine minutes later…

Hollow: Help me!

Dart: This is going to be fun!

Eight minutes later…

Drat: Okay this isn’t fun anymore!

Sparket: Let me take a swing at this!

Seven minutes later…

Sparket: Wildstar a little help!

Wildstar: You got it!

Battle ends Justin is the winner and got the Marsh badge plus a CD

Amber: All those physic powers and you still could win.

Justin: Amber. Don’t be so cocky but your right. Now we better get out of here before she does something horrible to me. Besides I hear there is a gym on an island not too far from Fuchsia city. (Leaves)

Several hours of training, trainer battles and sailing around later…

Location: Cinnabar Island

(Waves crash on the shore then Justin washes up on the shore)

Justin: Lies all lies. That was supposed to be a short trip but noooo we had to run through a cave first thank Arceus I had repels.

Amber: Did I ever tell you I hate water?

One long rest later…

Justin: Alright now let’s go make the gym leader cry.

(Justin tries to open the door but I will not open he repeatedly attempts to open or break the door)

Justin (crying): Why won’t it open or break (sob).

Sparket: Hey I overheard someone saying the key to the door is in the old burned building over there.

Justin (sarcastically): Oh boy a scavenger hunt.

Location: Burned mansion

Wildstar: This place is not as bad as I thought.

Hollow: Yeah spray a little Febreze in here and this would be a decent place to live.

Justin: Okay now let’s look for that key.

One long search later…

Justin: Finally found that key now we can make a gym leader cry!

Trollusuar: You’re not going to cry if the key doesn’t work are you?

Justin: No… shut up.

Several gym trainers later…

Justin: Alright let’s get this battle over with!

Leader Blaine: What? (Turns up hearing aide)

Justin: I’m here for a battle.

Leader Blaine: Oh… okay.

Battle begins

Justin: Trollusuar I need you to stay awake for this fight!

Trollusuar: Don’t tell me what to do! I do what I want!

Seven minutes later…

Trollusuar: Time for my nap!

Amber: No wait don’t… and he is out looks like I’m up!

Twenty seven minutes latter…

Amber: Tag out!

Sparket: I’ll take it from here!

Two minutes later…

Sparket: A little help please!

Dart: Don’t worry I got this!

Battle ends Justin is the winner and got the Volcano badge plus a CD

Justin: Bye old man.

Location: Cinnabar Island

Bill: Justin!

Justin: And you are?

Bill: Bill.

Justin: Riiiight.

Bill: Any way I got a friend that could use your help but with what I don’t know.

Justin: Sure why not.

Location: Island one Pokémon center

Bill: This is him.

Celio: The name’s Celio.

Bill: Celio this is the guy I was telling you about.

Justin: The name is Justin T. Lanchester.

Celio: So what does the “T” stand for?

Justin: If I told you that I would have to kill you.

Celio: Anyway I need you to bring this meteorite to a friend of mine.

Bill: And this pass will let you go to the other two islands

Justin (sarcastically): Oh boy I get to deliver a rock. (Leaves)

Location: two island

Game corner owner: This is odd she always brings my lunch everyday right about now… hey are you a friend of Lostelle’s?

Justin: No I’m here to give you this…

Game corner owner: Then can you go look for her she should be on three island!

Justin: But I was just supposed to give you…

Game corner owner: Thank you so much.

Justin: But… when did I…. fine.

Biker: Wait this isn’t three island the little guy in the green outfit lied to me! (Leaves)

Justin: Well I better get going too.

Location: three island

Civilian: What did we ever do to you?

Biker leader: Nothing we just had nothing better to do!

Civilian: Help!

Justin: Hey! Leave them along!

Biker leader: Like I’m going to listen to you.

Justin: You know there is one thing I can’t stand and that’s bullies like you now get lost or you’re going to get hurt.

Biker leader: And I can’t stand people that don’t know when to mined their own business. Boys get him!

Justin: Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Several short battles later…

Biker leader: RUN! (Runs away)

Justin: Now what was I doing… right looking for a lost child.

One training session and several trainer battles later…

Location: berry forest

Justin (falling out off a tree): Ow …ow… ow… ow… (Lands on a branch) mother. (Hits ground) why (tearing up)…

Amber: You mean why as in “why are you running through the trees while looking for the little girl?”

Justin: Shut up.

Lost girl: (scream)

Sparket (Jumping out of the tree Justin fell out of): You guys here that?

Wildstar: It came from over there.

Lost girl: Help!

Justin: What going on what happened!?

Lost girl: There was a really scary Pokémon

Justin: Look you going to be fine now let’s get you out of…

Lost girl: It’s back!

Battle begins

Justin: Oh Arceus Amber kill it with fire kill the Hypno!

Amber: Gladly!

Battle ends

Lostelle: Thank you so much by the way my name is Lostelle.

Justin: Okay well let’s get you out of here.

Location: game corner (two island)

Game corner owner: Thank you for finding her how can I thank you?

Justin: Take this meteorite and call it even.

Game corner owner: Cool a rock!

Justin: What a strange man. (Leaves)

Location: one island Pokémon center

Bill: Oh hey Justin what took you?

Justin: I decided to take the scenic route. So can I leave now?

Bill: Unless Celio needs anything else

Celio: No I can take care of everything else and Justin I bet your wondering what we are doing here…

Bill: Here let me explain… (Turns to look at Justin) Justin?

Justin (sticking his head back inside) Come on lets go already! (Leaves)

Location: Cinnabar Island

Bill: Well that was a long cruise when you have time maybe you can give Celio a hand with…

Justin: Oh my Arceus! I don’t care!

Bill: Well I see you around. (Leaves)

Justin: Okay so now what?

Amber: Well there is a gym in Viridian city.

Justin: Why didn’t you say something!

Amber: Just kind slipped my mind.

Sparket: Well let’s go then!

[Listen to this and remains about your favorite parts of this so far and maybe some of you own Pokémon adventures])

One music montage later…

Location: Viridian city

Justin: Well here we are the Viridian city gym.

Amber: We have come a long way haven’t we?

Wildstar: Yes we have.

Sparket: And lost a few friends along the way.

Justin: Now let’s do this!

Several gym trainers later…

Justin: You in the chair battle me.

Giovanni (with a really thick Italian ascent [think Mario]): A challenger. (Turns around in the chair) Mama Mia!

Justin: You!

Giovanni (with a really thick Italian ascent [think Mario]): You!

Battle begins

Justin: Wildstar make this quick!

Wildstar: Oh this will be!

Ten minutes later…

Wildstar: Okay I lied!

Amber: Let me show you how it’s done!

Ten seconds later…

Amber: Tag out!

Dart: Let me take it from here!

Twenty minutes later…

Dart: Okay need help!

Trollusuar: I guess I’ll help!

Five minutes later…

Trollusuar: Nap time!

Hollow: No wait don’t!

Battle ends Justin is the winner and got the Earth badge plus a CD

Giovanni (with a really thick Italian ascent [think Mario]): Well… umm… (Throws a smoke bomb)

Justin: Okay I need to get some of those. I guess I should go fight the elite four. (Leaves)

Location: route 22

Joseph: Justin!

Justin: What? Where?

Joseph: It’s been a while so how about a battle?

Justin: Yeah why not there is no harm in a warm up before we hit the elite four.

Joseph: That’s what I had in mind

Battle begins

Justin: Amber your up!

Amber: Alright!

Twenty minutes later…

Amber: YEAH! Did you order original recipe or extra crispy! (She just beat Joseph’s Pidgeot [it’s a bird]) Sparket your turn!

Sparket: This is going to be fun!

Twenty one minutes later…

Sparket: Another one bites the dust! Dart why don’t you take a turn!

Dart: This is going to be quick!

Nineteen minutes later…

Dart: This is too easy!

Trollusuar: Well that was a refreshing nap so what’s going on?

Dart: We are in the middle of a battle so why don’t you do something for once and fight!

Trollusuar: Well I got another nap in like five minutes so sure why not!

Thirteen minutes later…

Trollusuar: Okay I’m done here so I’m taking nap!

Hollow: My turn! My turn!

Battle ends Justin is the winner

Joseph: One of these days I’m going to beat you.

Justin: Good luck with that. (Leaves)

One long trip through badge check points some training and a ton of trainer battles later…

Location: victory road

Justin: Why is this called victory road!?

Amber: But it’s a giant cave!

Sparket: This is horrible!

Hollow: I think we pasted that rock ten times now!

Wildstar: I don’t think things could get worse Dart what do you think…Dart?

Justin: Dart are you … oh cool he he’s evolving! I bet he is going to grow wings and get sharp claws and breathe churros!

Sparket: I second that!

Amber: He better not I can’t have people copying the perfection that is me!

Dart: I fell fattish.

Justin: Well that was kind of a letdown. But do you …

Dart: No I don’t breathe churros. But I can see the exit!

Amber: Freedom!

Location: Indigo plateau

Justin: Okay time for an extremely long rest and then we will take on the elite four!

Everyone: Damn straight!

One extremely long rest later…

Justin: Okay let’s do this!

Sparket: Everything we have done has lead up to this!

Wildstar: Enough talk can we get going?!

Justin: Fine.

Location: Elite four room one

Justin: Why is it so cold in here?

Elite four Lorelei: Because I don’t want to spend money heating the place!

Justin: Okay let’s get this battle over with.

Battle begins

Justin: Sparket your up!

Sparket: This will be quick!

Nineteen minutes later…

Sparket: Okay Trollusuar can you actually help us with these battles!

Trollusuar: If it means I can actually get some sleep when it’s all over fine!

Twenty minutes later…

Trollusuar: Tag out!

Amber: I got this!

Thirty five minutes later…

Amber: Wildstar you want in!

Wildstar: I’ll take care of this!

Battle ends Justin is the winner

Justin: Now turn up the heat in this place!

Lorelei: Never!

Justin: Then freeze to death. (Leaves)

Location: Elite four room second

Justin: At least it’s not cold in here.

Elite four Bruno: here for a battle I take it.

Justin: Yes now let’s get this over with.

Battle begins

Justin: Hollow make this quick!

Hollow: Can do!

Twenty seven minutes later…

Hollow: Trollusuar give me a hand!

Trollusuar: Fine!

Battle ends Justin is the winner

Justin: Well that was quick.

Bruno: But how…

Justin: You suck that’s how. (Leaves)

Location: Elite four room three

Justin: Just shut up and battle you old hag!

Elite four Agatha: You’re just like Professor Oak now to teach u some manners.

Battle begins

Justin: Trollusuar show this old hag how it’s done!

Trollusuar: Whatever!

Forty minutes later…

Amber: My turn!

Trollusuar: Alright!

Thirty minutes later…

Amber: Tag out!

Sparket: Pick me let me do it!

Amber: Okay!

Battle ends Justin is the winner

Agatha: You got lucky.

Justin: It’s not luck it’s skill you crazy old hag. (Leaves)

Location: Elite four room four

Justin: I like this room it’s got dragons on the walls.

Elite four Lance: Cool huh.

Justin: Yeah and now I’m going to make you cry.

Elite four Lance: We shall see about that.

Battle begins

Justin: Dart!

Dart: I going to take his whole team down myself!

Battle ends Justin is the winner

Justin: wow.

Amber: Unbelievable.

Hollow: He actually beat them by himself.

Sparket: And now we are the Pokémon champions!

Justin: yeah I’m the Pokémon champion!

Lance: Well you would be.

Justin: Wait what.

Lance: There was a trainer who just came through here.

Justin: I guess we have one more trainer to beat. (Leaves)

Location: Champion room

Champion ???(Not facing Justin): So how is my first challenger?

Justin: The name is Justin T. Lanchester and …

Champion ??? : Wait did you say Justin?

Justin: That’s my name don’t wear it out.

(“???” turns around reveling his identity)

Champion Joseph: Justin. So it is you.

Justin: No way you’re the champion to bad I’m that’s going to change after our battle.

Champion Joseph: Not if I have anything to say about it.

Battle begins

(Here is some battle music

Justin: Sparket you are up first!

Sparket: This is going to be fun!

Fifty nine minutes later…

Sparket: Okay I’m not having fun anymore Trollusuar give me a hand here!

Trollusuar: Fine!

One hour later…

Trollusuar: anyone else want a turn?!

Dart: Me! Me pick me!

Two hours later…

Dart: Hollow you want to take a swing at this?!

Hollow: Let me at them!

Forty five minutes later…

Hollow: Wildstar your turn!

Wildstar: Alright!

Thirty two minutes later…

Amber: Okay I have been on the side lines long enough!

Wildstar: You don’t have to be so rude.

(From Amber’s point of view)

Amber: Alright so who is going down in flames?!

Blastoise: It’s been a while!

Amber: Oh it’s you? So how is that eye of yours?!

Blastoise: Now I’m going to make you pay for doing that!

After eight hours and twenty seven minutes of intricate movements and strategic attacks…

Joseph: Well I gave it my all and you still beat me and now you are the new champion.

Justin: I will be honest I was pretty sure you were going to beat me.

Oak: Justin I got here as soon as I heard you beat Joseph here and what a battle it was truly a sight to see everyone in the region saw it!

Justin: Wait two things 1st. How did you hear about it? It just happened. 2nd this was on TV?!

Oak: Yeah you didn’t notice all the cameras and I in no way have this room bugged.

Justin (looks around the room and sees a ton of cameras on the walls): huh how did I miss that?

Joseph: That battle was on TV…and everyone saw it…

Oak: Now come with me into the next room Justin.

Justin: Sure why not. (Leaves with Oak)

Joseph: But…

Location: hall of fame

Oak: This is the Pokémon hall of fame now you and your team…

Justin: Let me stop you right there they are not my team…

Oak: What?

Justin: They are my friends a team is a group you are forced to work with friends are the opposite they are people or in this case Pokémon are chosen.

Oak: Okay you and your friends will be immortalized…

Justin: in stone?! I mean I know I’m good but come on that might be a bit much.

Oak: No! Immortalized in a picture on the wall.

Justin: Well that’s a letdown.

Oak: yeah well to bad now you and your friends stand together.

Justin: Okay ready!

Oak: Okay three… two… one… say cheese!

The end
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