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my Pokemon emerald Nuzlocke: my pokemon emerald nuzlocke part 2

by bluehedgehog

bluehedgehog the adventure of a pokemon trainer named justin lanchester as he goes on his quest to be the best and make money
Nuzlocke part 2
Shit gets real…maybe…
(We last left are heroes backed it to a corner with no hope of survival…Now let’s read about the carnage)
Goddess: Krystal! Get out of the way I’m going to end this here and now!
Justin: Are you sure you can do it?
Goddess: I don’t know but I’m going to try!
Justin: Alright! Yeah! Go for it! Remember… It’s not over till it’s over!
One hour of intricate battle moves later…
Battle ends Justin is the winner and got the Heat badge plus another CD. Thanks to Goddess’ last minute stand
Justin: Now about that problem you were having (gets dragged in to a separate room and the door locks behind him)
Nine hours later
(Justin walks out fixing his shirt and everyone looks at him)
Justin: What?
(Leader Flannery walks out wrapped up in a blanket hair a mess with an exhausted look on her face)
Justin: Umm it’s not what it looks like!
Kaitlynn: Sure it doesn’t. Let’s just go.
(Leader Flannery walks over to Justin)
Leader Flannery(whispers in a seductive voice): I will look forward to your next visit… and don’t keep me waiting.
Location: Lavaridge town
May: Justin, take these goggles, bye now!
Justin: What just happened?
Ranger: I don’t know.
Location: route 111 desert (inside the Mirage tower)
Justin: Let’s hope that whatever we get here doesn’t die like the rest.
Battle begins
Justin: Beast it’s a Trapinch!
Krystal: I got this one!
Battle ends Trapinch was caught
Justin: How about we call you Sean!
Sean: Beast mode engaged!
One training session and several trainer battles later…
Location: outside the Petalburg gym
Justin: Well guys we are back here again.
Kaitlynn: I can’t wait to show your dad what we are made of.
Everyone (except Kaitlynn and Goddess): The gym leader is your dad!?
Justin: Yeah what is so surprising about that?
Ranger: Nothing… now let’s just go.
Several gym trainers later…
Justin: Dad! I spent the last couple of weeks training for this moment!
Glen: And I have been anticipating this moment since I saw you last… Three months ago!
Justin: And I took me a while to get back here only because I got lost in the forest and I had to walk! Now let’s do this!
Glen: Gladly!
The battle between father and son begins
Justin: Sean you’re up first!
Sean: I will make this quick!
Four minutes later…
Sean: I think I have some internal bleeding. Tag out!
Krystal: Let me at them!
Nine minutes later…
Justin: Krystal! Stop hitting yourself!
Ranger: Let me handle this.
Two minutes later…
Ranger: Hey Goddess you want a turn?
Goddess: Then move out of the way so I can fight!
One minute later…
Goddess: A little help would be nice!
Wildstar: I got this!
Ten seconds later…
Wildstar: Man he is strong!
Kaitlynn: Not stronger than me!
Twenty minutes later…
Kaitlynn: Okay you are right.
Wildstar: I want another shot at him
Justin: Why?
Wildstar: Because D-battery didn’t just sit by when he could still fight and neither will I!
Justin: Are you sure you want to do this?
Wildstar: Yes!
Justin: Then go I will not stop you.
(Wildstar is cut in half by Vigoroth spilling blood, some guts and feathers everywhere)
Kaitlynn: Aaaa! Wildstar!
Wildstar: Listen to me… before I die I want you guys to kill… (Coughs up blood and some feathers) that Vigoroth!
Kaitlynn: We will kill Vigoroth! Now rest easy… (Starts to tear up) Goodbye my friend.
(Kaitlynn dashes across the room impaling Vigoroth with her foot)
Battle ends Justin is the winner and got the Balance badge plus another CD. Wildstar will be missed.
Glen: Wow I have never seen a team of Pokémon with such a strong bond as this one. Come on lets go lay Wildstar to rest.
One sad funeral later…
R.I.P. Wildstar
Wally’s father: Sorry Glen I’m stealing your son for a minute!
Justin: Wait! What? What is going on?
Wally’s father: Thank you for all you have done for Wally.
Justin: Who?
Wally’s father: In any case that this.
Justin (sarcastically): Oh boy a CD.
Location: Mauville city
Justin: Wattson said he needed help with something and he would explain when we got here but where is he?
Sean: Is that him?
Justin: Yes it is. So old man what do you need help with?
Wattson: I need you to go to New Mauville and fix the generator!
Justin: I’m no electrician but I’ll give it a shot. So where is it?
Wattson: It’s in a cave across a little river by cycling road.
Justin: It’s a good thing I know how to swim.
Location: New Mauville
Sean: Hey look there is the generator!
Justin: Okay so let me see here… if I cut the red and blue wires I could the problem?
Sean: Or we could hit the “fix it now button”.
Justin: Okay that works to. Now let’s get out of here.
Location: Mauville city
Justin: Okay no more swimming for me I need a water type to do this for me.
Wattson: Thank you and have this as a reward.
Justin (sarcastically): A CD, great.
Location: route 118
Justin: Alright time to fish for a water type. (Phone rings)…Oh hey Flannery no I’m not doing anything right now.(Pauses to hear what she as to say) You are doing what to your what thinking about who?!(Pauses to hear what she as to say) I will be their momentarily (hangs up the phone). Hey you guys mind doing the fishing for me? I have to go take care of something.
Goddess: Sure so what is it you have to…
Justin: Thanks guys I will be back soon! (Runs off)
Ranger:Okay I guess we are fishing?
Twenty-four hours later…
Battle begins
Sean: How is Justin not back yet? Looks like we have to catch this one ourselves.
Kaitlynn: Are we even a loud to catch Pokémon? I mean we are Pokémon.
Sean: Well we are now give me a hand with catching this Carvanha.
Battle ends Carvanha was caught and Justin was doing something with Flannery when this happened.
Goddess: and we are going to call him Mr. Fish
Mr. Fish: Cool.
(Justin runs back exhausted with his shirt inside out and part of his shit sticking out of his fly.)
Justin: So what did I miss you guys catch anything?
Krystal: Yeah meet Mr. Fish.
Mr. Fish: Sup.
Justin: Sup.So let’s continue with our journey.
Krystal: Hold up Justin! Before we do anything you need to explain exactly what you were doing the last twenty-four hours with Flannery!
Justin: Umm… Umm… hold on a minute…Umm… (Snaps his fingers) I got it! I had to fill in for Flannery at the gym! Yeah that’s it. Because her dad was in the hospital do to a heart attack and I being the son of a gym leader I was the only logical choice. Now can we get going?
Kaitlynn: Well you are clearly lying to us. But sure whatever… let’s go.
One training session and several trainer battles later…
Location: Other side of the river on route 118
Steven: Justin! It’s me, Steven!
Justin: Right you’re the guy who left me in that cave to fend for myself.
Steven: Yes that was me!
Justin: I hate you.
Steven: Well I have things to do so bye.
Justin: Then why did you start talking to me? And he’s gone. Well back to training!
One training session and several trainer battles later…
Location: route 119
Ranger: Okay why is there a giant building in the middle of nowhere like this?
Justin: I don’t know but let’s go take a look inside anyway.
Kaitlynn: And there is team Aqua blocking the bridge so… me are most likely going to see them in there.
Krystal: I wonder if Weeps-allot is inside?
Sean and Mr. Fish: Who?
Goddess: Just wait you will me him soon enough.
Location: inside the Weather Institute
Justin: Hey! Weeps-allot!
Weeps-allot: Rrrrrr….Aaaa
Battle begins
Justin: This is Weeps-allot. Mr. Fish you are up.
Mr. Fish: Sweet.
Battle ends Justin is the winner
Weeps-allot:Why can’t I beat you!?
Justin: Beats me… Oh wait you can’t.
Weeps-allot: Rrrrrr. (runs away)
Several grunt battles later…
Weeps-allot: I just saw Team Magma heading for MT. Pyre!
Aqua Grunt: Then why are you still here? Move out!
(Weeps-allot throw a smoke bomb filling the room with smoke and when it clears)
Justin: Why is it they leave after I beat them?
Weather Institute employee: thank you for your help. Here take this Pokémon.
Justin: Okay thanks we will call you Casper. Have fun being stuck in the Pc and to never see the light of day again!
Casper: Yeah! Wait…What!?(Gets put into a Pc storage bin)
Justin: Bye crazy people!
Location: the other side of the bridge
May: Justin! Battle me!
Justin: Okay pushy. Sure.
Battle begins
Justin: Goddess!
Goddess: Got it!
Ten minutes later…
Mr. Fish: I want a turn!
Goddess: Be my guest.
Three minutes later…
Ranger: My turn!
Mr. Fish: Have fun.
Battle ends Justin is the winner
May: Another loss on my part but ill will beat you one day.
Justin (sarcastically): Yeah. Sure you will.
May: And have this.
Justin: Why is it everyone gives me CDs?
May: Bye! (Walks away)
One training session and some trainer battles later…
Justin: Goddess?
Goddess: I’m evolving give me a minute.
Justin: Just checking.
More training and trainer battles later…
Location: outside the Fortree City gym
Justin: Aaaah!
Kaitlynn: It appears that there is atransparentobstruction blocking our path.
(All the guys stair with a confused face)
Kaitlynn: (sigh) Something is in the way but we cannot see it.
Guys: Oooooh.
Justin: Now what.
Krystal: I guess we leave and come back
Ranger: I guess so.
One training session and several trainer battles later…
Justin: Hey Mr. Fish your evolving but you changing to a massive fish that breathes fire!
Mr. Fish: Or a shark.
Justin: Do you at least breathe fire?
Mr. Fish: No.
Kaitlynn: Good.
Justin: Well let’s get going… and oh come on not again! Stupid invisible wall!
Steven: Justin. Try this it might help you see what’s in the way.
Justin: I do not think this thing is going to help me see wall that… (Steven uses the device) a Pokémon was in my way… I’M GOING TO KILL IT!
(Justin kills the Pokémon in his way with his bare hands)
Steven: Well I’m going to leave now. Bye.(Walks away)
Justin (covered in blood): Okay now let’s go back to the gym.
Kaitlynn: Did he just…
Sean: Yep.
Justin: You guys coming?
Location: Fortree City gym
After several gym trainers later…
Justin: Battle now!
Winona: Alright.
Battle begins
Justin: Goddess you know the grill!
Goddess: You mean drill?
Justin: It has been a long day! So can we just get this over with?
Goddess: It will be over soon.
Thirty minutes later…
Goddess: Krystal you want to take a swing at this?
Krystal: Yeah I do!
Ten minutes later…
Krystal: Maybe I should have taken a swing.
Kaitlynn: Let me try!
Four minutes later…
Kaitlynn: Tag out!
Sean: Let me at them!
Nineteen minutes later…
Sean: Bad call on my part someone switch with me!
Mr. Fish: I’ll take it from here!
Twelve minutes later…
Ranger: My turn!
Mr. Fish: Please… help me.
Eleven minutes later…
Goddess: Ranger. Take a break. I’ll take over from here.
Ranger: Got it.
Battle ends Justin is the winner and got the Feather badge plus another CD
Justin: wow that was a long battle I think that was our longest battle…YET.
One training session and several trainer battles later…
Battle begins
Justin: Whoa an Absol! They only show up when something bad is going to happen!
Krystal: Okay two things… one we should take this as a warning about the future… And two didn’t we already run in to our first Pokémon on this route.
Justin: Well actually we didn’t remember I fought that one and killed it with my bare hands this is our first wild encounter on this route.
Krystal: Oh yeah.
Battle ends Absol was caught
Justin: Okay we will call her Abby and now to the Pc with her.
Abby: I must warn you about Team Aqua and Magma they are planning to… (Was sent to the Pc storage)
Sean: Maybe we should have listened to what she had to say?
Justin: Too late now. Back to training!
More training and trainer battles later…
Justin: Krystal what took you so long to evolve! I mean I got you just before I got my second badge?
Krystal: Beats me.
Location: route 120
Battle begins
Justin: Is it just me or doses that Shuppet look like a floating sheet?
Ranger: No it looks like a floating sheet.
Battle ends Shuppet was caught
Justin: I am out of names so… umm, how about Muppet.
Muppet: I hate you. (Was sent to the Pc storage)
Justin: Now to continue the training!
Even more training and trainer battles later…
Location: Lilycove city
Justin: Umm…why is team Aqua everywhere?
May: Justin!
Justin: Oh May! Maybe you can tell me why team Aqua is…
May: I just finished shopping so… Battle!
Justin: Oh yeah you don’t listen.
Battle begins
Justin: Let’s make this quick
Kaitlynn: Yeah! Make this quick so I can go shopping!
Fourteen minutes later…
Kaitlynn: Tag out! Tag out!
Sean: Let me take a crack at this!
Nine minutes later…
Sean: Mr. Fish! Your turn!
Mr. Fish: Got it!
Two minutes later…
Mr. Fish: I’m getting bored someone else take over!
Goddess: I will end this. And then we go shopping!
Battle ends Justin is the winner
May: I was so close this time.
Justin: No you weren’t.
Kaitlynn and Goddess: SHOPPING!
Justin: Umm why don’t we see what Team Aqua is doing here?
Kaitlynn and Goddess: NO. We are going shopping and you’re paying!
Justin: Well I’m the trainer and you have to do what I say and we are going to… (Kaitlynn sets Justin on fire) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaah! I’m on fire! GET A BLANKIT OR SOMETHING (rolling around on the ground while Ranger tries to put out the fire) IT’S NOT WORKING GET THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER! (Sean takes the fire extinguisher and starts hitting Justin with it trying to put out the fire instead of using it [You also have to remember he has no hands]) AAAAaaaah! What wrong with you!
Goddess: (With a sinister smirk) Here let me help you. (Uses her physic powers to pick up Justin and throw him in to the ocean)
Justin(flying through the air): HOLY! SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS!
Ten minutes later…
Justin (soaking wet): Mr. Fish where were you?
Mr. Fish: Getting marshmallows.
Justin (soaking wet): (sigh) Okay let’s go shopping.
Kaitlynn and Goddess: Yeah shopping!
One extremely long shopping spree later…
Justin: Okay can we now go see what Team Aqua is doing here?
Kaitlynn: Yeah we can do that now.
(After interrogating the whole city our heroes head off to MT. Pyre for no reason)
Location: MT. Pyre
Justin: Hey More Aqua grunts. And Weeps-allot!
Weeps-allot: AAAAaaaah!
One unimpressive battle later…
Weeps-allot:Rrrrrr I will beat you even if it’s the last thing I do! (Runs away crying)
Justin: How has he not lost his job yet?
Several grunt battles later…
Archie: Team Magma may have gotten here first, but now I have the red orb my plan can move forward as planed! Now Team move out!
Old lady: Well we’re doomed. They took the orbs and now the region is doomed!
Justin: Why is this so bad?
Old Man: We don’t know! Oh but take this it is a symbol of your allegiance to team Magma.
Justin (sarcastically): Gee Willikers thanks old man! I’ll treasure it forever.
Goddess: Hey I just remembered seeing a magma grunt staring at a wall on the Fiery path! Maybe we should go there?
Justin: Why not!
One extremely long walk back to the Fiery path later…
Location: Fiery path
Justin: Why did we have to walk all the way back here?
Sean: Because none of us can fly!
Justin: How is that my fault!?
Krystal: Never mind that look the grunt is gone and now there is a hole in the wall.
Ranger: Well let’s go see what is inside.
Location: Team Magma base
Justin: Looks like we found there base. Time to mess things up for them.
Several grunt battles later…
Justin: Hey dude what is with the statue in the lava?
Maxie: It’s not a statue! It’s the legendary Pokémon Groudon! And with this blue orb I will use his destructive power to expand the regions landmass and then the world!
Justin: Umm is it just me or does the big red guy look mad at the blue light?
Maxie: Umm where did he go? The blue orb is supposed to give me control of…
Justin: Why would a blue object help you control a red giant?
Maxie: Rrrrrr. You did something!
Battle begins
Justin: Ranger!
Ranger: Got it!
Twenty-five minutes later…
Krystal: Let me take a swing.
Ranger: Go right ahead!
Ten minutes later…
Mr. Fish: My turn!
Krystal: Be my guest!
Thirty-two minute later…
Mr. Fish: I need a break!
Sean: I’m good to go!
Eleven minute later…
Sean: Someone help me! Or I’m going to die!
Goddess: Move Sean I got this!
Nine minutes later…
Goddess: Kaitlynn you want a turn?!
Kaitlynn: Sure!
Battle ends Justin is the winner
Maxie: Why did Groudon flee like that? Well with Groudon gone I guess me should destroy this volcano. (Hits self-destruct button)
Justin: We got to get out of here!
(Our heroes make a dash for the nearest exit they and just as they seem home free…)
Justin: Ranger! Look out!
(Giant bolder lands on top of Ranger)
Justin: Ranger!
Ranger: Aaaa! My back! I can’t move!
(Every one rushes over to push the bolder off of Ranger)
Ranger: I can’t walk just leave me behind!
Justin: Yeah Right!
(Justin picks up Ranger and carries him out of the base)
Location: outside the Mauville city center
Justin: Well guys the doctor says that he will be able to walk again but never be able to battle again. The couple at the day care said they would look after him but I wanted to let you guys know what was going on.
Sean: Well that’s horrible but at least he is going to live.
(Ranger was left at the day care)
One training session and a few trainer battles later…
Justin: Sean. Are you evolving?
Sean: Seems so and I have wings now sweet!
Location: Slateport harbor
Justin: So now that your interview is over what’s up.
Stern: We made a discovery on our Sea flour exploration.
Justin: Aaaaand that would be…
Stern: An undersea caver on route 128!
Justin (sarcastically): Wow it’s not like people haven’t found those before.
Intercom: Hey Stern we Team Aqua are taking your sub!
Stern: Noooo! Not my lunch!
Intercom: Hey cool you have a submarine in here to cool! We are so taking that too. (With mouth full of food)Bye oh and your lunch is delicious.
Stern: Justin you can’t let those monsters get away with taking my sub.
Justin: Don’t worry… I will get your submarine back.
Stern: I was taking about my lunch!
Justin: There are no words to describe your stupidity.
Location: Team Aqua base
Justin: How did we find this place so quickly?
Weeps-allot: Hey, you not supposed to be here who are… You again!
Justin: You were expecting the Easter bunny?
Battle begins
Justin: Ready!
Kaitlynn: I will make this quick!
Battle ends Justin is the winner
Kaitlynn: I didn’t think it would be that quick?
Weeps-allot: Rrrrrr! (runs away)
Justin: Okay now where were we? Oh yeah, finding that sub!
Several grunt battles later…
Justin: Kaitlynn again really?
Kaitlynn: Look I think this is my last evolution so chill out.
A few more grunt battles later…
Aqua Grunt: Ha-ha! While you were busy battling me our boss was getting everything ready for our departure!
(The Aqua grunt dives under the water and the sub takes off in to the ocean)
Justin: Man…Now we have to do more work.
Sean: I don’t like doing work.
Mr. Fish: Well I guess we have to go out there and start looking for them.
(After spending a week a sea we find our heroes washed up on the shores ofMossdeep city)
Location: Mossdeep city
Justin: Oh thank Arceus! It’s a city. Quick every one crawl to the center.
One long needed rest later…
Justin: Okay now let’s go defeat the gym!
Mr. Fish: I thought we were looking for Team Aqua?
Justin: And now we are taking a break and fighting a gym.
Location: Gym
Several gym trainer battles later…
Justin: Hey there little ones… Can you let parents know that a challenger is here.
Leaders Tate and Liza: WE are the gym leaders and we are going to destroy you!
Justin: Man I hate double battles.
Double battle begins
Justin: Mr. Fish and Goddess make this quick!
Mr. Fish and Goddess: Got it!
Twenty-seven minutes later…
Justin: Sean tried places with Mr. Fish!
Sean: Can do!
Thirty minutes later…
Mr. Fish: Sean move I want to give this another shot!
Sean: Be my guess just don’t get killed.
Double battle ends Justin is the winner and got the mind badge plus a CD
Justin: This is why little kids should not be left in charge of a gym. Now good day short stacks.
Location: Mossdeep city
Justin: Hey look its Team magma! Time to foil there plans and this time it’s personal!
Location: Mossdeep space center
Justin: Time to finally take down the infamous Team Magma!
Several grunt battles later…
Steven: I knew you guys would show up here trying to steal the rocket fuel
Maxie: Yeah we sent a letter saying and I quote “We are going to steal your rocket fuel.”
Steven: So tell me why do you want the fuel?
Maxie: Gas is expensive.
Steven: True dat.
Justin: Steven get out of my way or give me a hand with this. He is going to pay for what happened at the Team Magma base.
Steven: I want piece of this.
Double battle begins
Justin: Goddess let’s make him suffer!
Goddess: This is for what happened to Ranger!
Forty-nine minutes later…
Krystal: It’s my turn to make him suffer!
Battle ends
(Maxie throws a smoke bomb smoke fills the room and when it clears he and all of Team Magma are gone)
Justin: I guess we should continue looking for that sub.
One long sea exploration later…
Location: Seafloor cavern
Justin: (Gasp) How long where we under their? It felt like it was for a week!
Sean: Is that who I think it is?
Kaitlynn: I think so.
Justin: Weeps-allot?
Weeps-allot (with his back to Justin): No… no…no, no, no, no, no…NO! Oh Arceus no…(Turns around)Son of a…
Battle begins…
Justin: Alright Kaitlynn have three minutes to finish this.
Kaitlynn: I’ll do it in two.
Battle ends
Justin: Dude you should just quit Team Aqua.
Weeps-allot: You know what your right and I quit right here and now but I will be back to defeat you one day.
(Weeps-allot walks away with his head held high then hit his head on a stalactite and started to cry)
Justin: Let’s get going.
Several grunt battles later…
Justin:Hey cool another statue.
Archie: Hold it!
Justin: How did I get here before you? It took me a week just to find this cave.
Archie: I don’t know. But behold! The power of the legendary Pokémon Kyogre!
Justin: You mean the statue?
Archie: It’s not a statue!
Battle begins
Justin: so let’s see what you got!
Goddess: This won’t take long!
Seven minutes later
Goddess: Okay I was wrong!
Sean: Let me take a crack at this!
Thirty minutes later…
Sean: Someone else want to take over!?
Krystal: Looks like I’m up!
Ten minutes later…
Krystal: Tag out! Tag out!
Mr. Fish: Then tag me in!
Battle ends Justin is the winner
Archie: You may have beaten me but you won’t stand a chance once I use the red orb tocontrol Kyogre!
Justin: Why do I have a feeling that this is going to end up just like Team Magma?
Archie: Umm he looks mad… and where did he go?
Justin: I don’t know maybe to kill people?
Maxie: Wait don’t use the…
Justin: How is it that everyone leaves before me but gets here after me?
Maxie: And I got here too late.
Maxie and Archie argue for a good hour and a half when…
Archie: You are a big dummy!
Maxie: No you are!
Justin: Hey can we take this outside? I want to watch the region fall apart.
Location: outside the undersea cavern on the surface
Maxie and Archie: Oh we messed up! We got to fix this. (Look at each other) quick to the time machine!
Justin: You guys have a time machine?
Maxie and Archie: No. But we got to fix this! (The two run off and then come back a throw a smoke bomb for no reason)
Steven: Justin! What is going on!
Justin: Aaaa! When did you get here? Anyway the region is going to sink or burn and I’m going to leave this region and forget that it even existed.
Steven: Maybe someone in Sootopolis can help us stop this. (Take off to Sootopolis)
Justin: Well I’m out of… (Phone rings)Flannery? (Pauses) Okay relax… (Pauses) Well how do you know it’s even mine!?(Pauses) Well that makes sense. (Hangs up the phone) Well great now I have to save the region.
Sean: Why what changed?
Justin: Nothing.
Sean: What is it?
Justin: I said… Nothing!
Sean: What is she…? (Justin cuts him off)
Justin: Yes. Now can we get going?
Location: Sootopolis city
Justin: Great they are both here. Now let’s keep really quiet and hope there battle does not get us killed. And how is it raining when we are in side a giant hollowed out rock?
Steven: Justin come with me I found someone who can help us!
Justin: Aaaa! Stop doing that!
One extremely short walk later…
Steven: Here we are!
Justin: So this old man is supposed to help us?
Steven: No. The one we want is in side this cave.
Justin: Then why aren’t we in side?
Steven: You alone must go inside and find a man named Wallace.
Justin: If I don’t walk out with super powers I’m going to be really upset.
Location: cave of origins
Justin: So you must be Wallace. I’ll take my super powers now!
Wallace: You are not getting super powers.
Justin: Man no fair! How am I supped to stop those super ancient Pokémon with uncontrollable power now!
Wallace: With another super ancient Pokémon with uncontrollable power.
Justin: Umm.
Wallace: We need to find Rayquaza! Only he can stop these two. Last I heard he was at the top of the Sky pillar and that is where we must go! (Throws a smoke bomb)
Justin: Why is it everyone has smoke bombs but me? And now I have to find a place that I didn’t know existed until now is located. Fun.
One relatively short search later…
Location: outside Sky pillar
Justin: How did I find this place so fast?
Wallace: Sorry for leaving you back there. And I just opened the door to the Sky pillar. Justin you need to go inside and find Rayquaza I’m going back to the city I’m concerned about it.
Justin: So now I have to save the region? Great… Thanks.
(Wallace runs off)
Location: the top of the sky pillar
Justin: Alright now to wake him up! So wake up big guy. Come on get up…(Chucks a rock at him) Get up you over grown lizard!
(Rayquaza wakes up)
Justin:And now to climb on his back and ride into battle! ...And he’s gone. (Sigh) Time to start walking.
Location: Sootopolis city
Justin: Alright now to hide and hope all goes well. (Hides behind a small child)
Groudon: Yo dog you are so going down!
Kyogre: Time to finish what we started!
Groudon: Yo it’s the fuzz!
Kyogre: Run!
Rayquaza: Hey! Not cool guys! Not cool!I was in the middle of a really good dream and then got woken up by some kid…
Justin: I’m not a KID!
Rayquaza:…throwing rocks at me because of you two!
Groudon and Kyogre: Sorry!
Rayquaza: Now get lost and I do not what to hear or see you two ever again! Now I’m going to go to back to sleep!
(All three of the legendries leave)
Maxie: Well there go our plans, time to go into hiding.
(Maxie and Archie throw smoke balls and disappear)
Wallace: Justin you just saved the region from being destroyed.
Justin: This better pay well I got…Ummm let’s just say I need money.
Steven: There is no moneyjust a thank you from us on behalf of the people of the region plus a CD.
Justin: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaa I hate these CDs! Then move so I can challenge the gym and make some money.
Several gym trainers later…
Leader Juan: Hello I am the…
Justin: Shut up and battle.
Battle begins
Justin: Let’s make this quick we have things to do.
Sean: Let’s do this!
Twenty-seven minutes later…
Sean: Umm… I need some help here!
Kaitlynn: Tag me in!
Six minutes later…
Kaitlynn: Tag out! Tag out!
Goddess: My turn!
Fifty-seven minutes later…
Goddess: Okay I need a nap someone else take a turn.
Krystal: Even though I have a disadvantage here I’ll take a swing.
Battle ends Justin is the winner and got the Rain badge plus a CD
Justin: Now to take on the elite four!
One long trip later…
Location:The middle of the ocean
Krystal: Umm…Justin.
Justin: Oh good this the perfect time and place for you to evolve when we are in the middle of the OCEAN!
Mr. Fish: Can we get going now?
Justin: Okay let’s go.
Location: Ever Grade city
Krystal: Umm this does not look like a city…
Sean: Looks like a cave entrance.
Justin: Oh come on! More caves!?
Location: Victory Road
Mr. Fish: Okay this is clearly a cave not a road like the sign said.
Battle begins
Justin: Look it’s a Hariyama…okay you know what at this point I don’t care so whatever happens, happens.
Sean: I hear that.
Battle ends wild Hariyama died

Wally: Hi! Justin!
Justin: Sup jimmy.
Wally: Its Wally… and I am here to battle you so I can see how far I have come.
Justin: Just don’t cry.
Battle begins
Justin: Sean your up!
Sean: This is going to be quick!
Two minutes later…
Sean: Kaitlynn!
Kaitlynn: Got it!
Nine minutes later…
Kaitlynn: Your turn Goddess!
Goddess: Time to end this!
Ten minutes later…
Goddess: Who is up next!
Krystal: I am!
Battle ends Justin is the winner
Justin: Now run along Jill I got things to do.
Wally: I’m going to beat you one day and again it’s Wally.
One training session and several trainer battles later…
Sean: Alright!
Justin: Again!? You all better be done evolving!
Sean: Hey look it’s the exit.
Justin: Let’s get out of here then.
Location: The actual Ever Grade city
Kaitlynn: Still doesn’t look like a city.
Justin: Can we just go fight the four now?
Guy at the door: Not until we check you badges.
Justin: Yeah sure what ever (hands over the badges).
Guy at the door: Everything seems to be in order you can go.
Location: Elite four room one
Justin: Do they really need one massive room just for one guy to stand in all day?
Elite four Sidney: A new challenger let’s see what you got.
Battle begins
Justin: Kaitlynn you’re up first!
Kaitlynn: Let’s do this!
Two hours later…
Kaitlynn: Can someone trade places with me!?
Krystal: Can do!
Seven hours later…
Krystal: Tag out! Tag out!
Goddess: Then tag me in!
Battle ends Justin is the winner
Sidney: Not bad kid.
Justin: I AM NOT A KID!
Goddess: Come on let’s go.
Location: Elite four room two
Justin: Seriously why do they need such a big room?
Elite four Phoebe: I am not surprised you beat Sidney he has no real skills.
Battle begins
Justin: Krystal!
Krystal: Got it!
Six hours later…
Krystal: Mr. Fish you want to take a swing at this!?
Mr. Fish: Sure!
Four hours later…
Mr. Fish:Goddess you are up!
Goddess: This is going to be fun!
Eight hours later…
Goddess: Hey can someone else take a turn!?
Sean: Looks like I’m up!
Thirty minutes later…
Sean: Umm… Help!
Kaitlynn: you guys are weak let me show you how it’s done!
Battle ends Justin is the winner

Phoebe: I guess you do have some skill after all.
Justin: Yeah I do!
Kaitlynn: Ahem.
Justin: We… yes we do. Let’s go.
Goddess: yeah that might be a good Idea.
Location: Elite four room three
Justin: Okay why is it so cooled in here?
Elite four Glacia: It’s been a while since I have faced a challenger so don’t disappoint me.
Battle begins
Justin: Mr. Fish it’s your time to shine!
Mr. Fish: Alright!
Ten minutes later…
Mr. Fish: Goddess! A little help!
Goddess: why is it I have to save everyone!?
Forty-seven minutes later
Goddess: Okay Kaitlynn your turn!
Kaitlynn: I will make this quick!
Battle ends Justin is the winner
Glacia: You did not disappoint me and good luck in future challenges.
Justin: Come on open the door I got things to do.
Location: Elite four room four
Justin: Alright last opponent. Let’s end this and look its and old man this is going to be easy.
Elite four Drake: Well now let’s see if we can take you down a notch.
Battle begins
Justin: Mr. Fish ready for another go!?
Mr. Fish: Always!
Twenty minutes later…
Mr. Fish: Sean your up!
Sean: About time, I’m tired of sitting on the sidelines!
Fifty-eight minutes later…
Sean: I think I over did it…? Kaitlynn you want to take over?!
Kaitlynn: no problem!
Battle ends Justin is the winner
Justin: I won! I am the Pokémon champion!
Goddess: WE!
Justin: Whatever!
(The song “we are the champions” starts to play in the back ground as everyone cheers and dances around like idiots)
Drake: Well you would be.
(Song stops dead)
Justin: You’re kidding me!
Drake: Nope now go fight the Campion.
Location: Champion room
Wallace: Justin!
Justin: Wallace!
Battle begins
Justin: Mr. Fish this is it!
Mr. Fish: All come down to this!
Two hours later…
Mr. Fish: Okay I give! Someone else take over for a while!
Goddess: Time to bring this battle to an end!
One and half hours later…
Kaitlynn: Justin and I started this journey together and we are going to be the ones who bring it to an end!
Goddess: Then don’t let me take all the credit get in there and end this battle!
Battle ends Justin is the winner
Wallace: How did I lose?
Justin: You had all the same type.
May: Justin!
Justin: How did you get in here you have to beat the other guys before getting here!
May: Justin I have some advice for fighting the champion…
Wallace: He already won.
Birch: See May you where to late.
Justin: How are you guys getting in here!? Did I miss an elevator or something!?
Birch: Let me see how you pokedex is coming along.
Justin: You know what… NO! I don’t even care about this piece of junk (throws the dex at the wall and brakes it.)
Wallace: Anyway follow me.
Location: Pokémon hall of fame
Wallace: This room…
Justin: Is empty.
Wallace No. This is where we record the records of previous champions and you are now one of them.
Justin: Still looks like an empty room.
Wallace: Well it’s not. Now all of you get out here and stand together so I can take a picture of the NEW champion.
(Everyone gets out of their pokeballs and poses for the picture)
Wallace: Everybody Smile!
The End.