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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: Lil City Battle (Ice Gym)

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel, Mark, Gabriel, and Melanie are left to continue their travels in New Hoenn, while Brendan continues to study the Regis and Rigent's big plans...
"So we are traveling again" I asked. "Yes, continue your journey, you are two badges away" Brendan said. "Ok, let's go" I said and we all left on. I kept walking until I reached the gym, when Sasha came out of nowhere and told me she had the badge. "Well good luck" she said. "Thanks" I said. I entered the gym. "Welcome to Lil City's Gym, I'm Holly, the gym leader of the magnificent Ice types" she said as I entered. "I'm Uriel, from the Kalos Region, I have come to challenge you to a battle" I said. "Well, Bring it on" Holly said. "GO Steelix, GO Dewgong. WATER PULSE,IRON TAIL. Dewgong managed to hit first and knockout. "Return, GO Heliolisk use Thunderbolt, Dewgong managed to faint to the attack. "Return, Go Jynx use Psychic, Heliolisk use Thunder Punch. Heliolisk managed to move first and Jynx fainted. "Return, Go Sealeo use Ice Beam. Heliolisk fainted. Return, GO Cacturne use Horn Leeche. Cacturne moved first and knockout Sealeo. "Return, GO Weavile use Dark Pulse". Cacturne then fainted. "Go Medicham, MEGA EVOLVE, use Drain Punch" Medicham managed to win against Weavile. Return, Go Lapras use Sing, DODGE and use Thunder Punch. Medicham dodge the attack and Medicham stroke down Lapras and Uriel won the match. "Congrats, here take this Ice Badge" Holly said. "Thanks" I said and left the town to venture to the next gym.
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