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Just some recent art

by TheBakaBanana

IMG_20161002_170635245.jpg IMG_20161002_170715543.jpg IMG_20161002_170723188.jpg IMG_20161002_170738055.jpg IMG_20161002_170748855.jpg IMG_20161002_170805530.jpg IMG_20161002_170814229.jpg IMG_20161002_170839688.jpg
  1. Vlamepainters
    Just to let you know, you can hold prt sc and crtl at the same time, it's like an auto screenshot, so you can crop it and upload it, but that is just if you can't save on whatever paint tool you have. It will look a lot neater. Sorry if this doesn't help because of you computer or something. (If you can, cropping it after would be good too.)
    Oct 3, 2016