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Johnny and Dukey vs. Spongebob and Patrick

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox This is a parody of ERB's Rap Battle Wright Brothers vs. Mario Brothers.
The Wright Brothers! (Shows Johnny and Dukey)!!!! Vs.! The Mario Brothers!!! (SpongeBob and Patrick)!!!! Begin!
Both: We are the Wright Brothers, and there can't be no other. Are you lookifor your lover?
Johnny: Cause the Princess is in our castle now!
Dukey: Yeah She's gone.
Johnny: We stayed up all night-
Dukey: Playing Donkey Kong.
Johnny: Before us people only flew in balloons!
Dukey: Ya think were afraid of 2 idiots addicted to shrooms?
Johnny: You shoulda woulda coulda came to lose an extra life!
Duukey: So just dudda dudda dudda-
Both: Back down to your pipe!
SpongeBob: It's a me, Mario!
Patrick: And Luigi, Mother******s!
SpongeBob: Go back to your airplane and make out with each other!
Patrick: Look at these 2, their lives musta been horrible!
Spongebob: 2 dorky dudes-
Patrick: Named Wilbur and Orville!
SB: You spent all your life on just one machine?
Pat: Sheesh!
SB: If ya anted to fly, should of just eat this leaf!
Pat: You should eat something anyway! Look at you so skinny!
SB: You might fly like a hawk-
Pat: But you fight like a kitty!
Both: We don't need to fight, were the fathers of flight!
Johnny: Representing North Carolina!
Both: Aiight!
Johnny: Pressing all the buttons like were the controller!
Dukey: Conquer every level of your 2D Scroller!
Johnny: You talk a lot of trash, but let us tell you something!
Dukey: We'll beat you so fast it's like were holding down the B Button!
SB: Serving up an 8 bit fist!
Pat: Made to order!
SB: Knock you off the back of your own stupid quarters!
Pat: Like POW! How do ya like me now?!
SB: Spit flames out our mouthes-
Both: Like our name was BOW---SER!
SB: You get pummeled, you wish ya never stumbled out your little win tunnel!
Pat: We've been dropping Bo Bombs since we started this song!
SB: Sorry Wright Brothers,
Both: This time you chose wrong!!!
WHO WON?! You decide!!!!