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Jigglypuff vs Ms. Pac-Man

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Jigglypuff was sleeping peacefully, under a tree until she heard a loud scream. She turned around to see her friend Haunter be devoured by a yellow circle with arms, legs, high heels and a bow! Jigglypuff rolled over and kicked Ms. Pac-Man so hard Haunter was spat back out. The Misses glared and tried biting Jigglypuff, who dodged and kicked Ms. Pac-Man. And so the fight began. Jigglypuff used Rollout, slamming into Ms. Pac-Man and sending her flying. The Namco Nanny ate a cherry, and began running around Jigglypuff extremely fast. Jigglypuff, dizzy, used Rest, healing her. Just as she did that, Ms. Pac-Man tried attacking her. But her leg got hit as Jigglypuff crouched down, and she was launched high up in the air. As Jigglypuff woke up, she noticed Ms. Pac-Man up in the sky, falling down. Jigglypuff used Pound, hitting Ms. Pac-Man just as she fell down and sent her into a tree. Ms. Pac-Man jumped out and took out a blueberry, which gave her a new power. Ms. Pac-Man sent out an icy Pellet Bullet, freezing Jigglypuff. Ms. Pac-Man charged forward, ready to Butt Bounce on Jigglypuff, but the Balloon Pokémon broke out and used Double Edge. As the Butt Bounce and the Double Edge collided, Ms. Pac-Man switched it to a Super Butt Bounce. Jigglypuff flew a bit up, and Ms. Pac-Man charged forward blindly, then Jigglypuff used Disarming Voice, stopping Ms. Pac-Man in her tracks as she covered her non-existent ears. Jigglypuff then used Double Slap, sending Ms. Pac-Man sprawling on the ground. Ms. Pac-Man then took out a banana, eating it, giving her electricity powers. Ms. Pac-Man set a shock wave at Jigglypuff, who jumped up, but was hit by another. Jigglypuff flew forward quickly and kicked Ms. Pac-Man in the mouth. Ms. Pac-Man was then kicked in the nose, which got Ms. Pac-Man dizzy as Jigglypuff grabbed Ms. Pac-Man by the nose and flipped her over. Ms. Pac-Man began groaning, rubbing her head, then Jigglypuff took out the last thing anybody would want to see. Her microphone. As Jigglypuff sang, Ms. Pac-Man gave into the song and fell asleep. Jigglypuff, smiling, then used her final attack. Hyper Voice. The frequency of the attack was so high, Ms. Pac-Man screamed in pain in her sleep and her body exploded from the sound. Jigglypuff stopped the attack and sighed, rolling over back to the tree and falling asleep again.
This fight’s winner is:
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  1. PokemanCraft
    Banana, anana, nana, ana, na, a!
    May 26, 2015