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by Sylvious

Steven is wanting to become a Pokemon Trainer. Because his father likes to search for fossils and research. He works for Devon Corp. But the company is small so far. And Steven wants to help his father. As a 17 year old. Steven goes out of his house in Mossdeep City. And finds his father. "Hey son! If you want to go get your pokemon, we need to get to Rustboro!" Mr Stone Said. "Thats really far! I can't get there!" Steven Said. "Well. We need to. Get some exercise!" Mr Stone Said. "Okay..... Its a long way though. And we can't cross the ocean!" Steven Said. "I have a boat! Im always prepared!" Mr. Stone Said. Steven Stone And Mr. Stone Cross The Ocean All The Way To Rustboro City. "We're there! Come with me!" Mr. Stone Said. "But.... Im.... So.... TIRED!" Steven Said Sighing. "Oh come on! We're almost inside!" Mr. Stone Said. "Oh...Kay....." Steven Said. Steven And Mr. Stone Go Inside. (Also The Second Floor Is Not Made Yet :D) Mr. Stone Grabs A Pokeball That Is Inside A Suitcase. "Here. Its name is Beldum. Its one of the rarest Pokemon we've seen so far. And I entrust you this. On your Pokemon journey. Heres the Pokenav. We recently made this device. It is a prototype. So it only contacts people. But, if you need me then call me on the Pokenav." Mr. Stone Said. "Thanks! I can't wait to become friends with my new Pokemon!" Steven Said. "Now. To become a Pokemon master and the master of steel Pokemon. You have to get the gym badges in the Pokemon Gym's." Mr. Stone Said. "I don't want to become a master of all Pokemon. I just want to be friends with these creatures. If I do become a Pokemon master. I can't say why not though!" Steven Said. "Good quote. Now. Can you go to the gym here and conquer it? You've been in training at the Pokemon School long enough. Its ready to become a Pokemon master!" Mr. Stone Said. "Dad. I do not want to become a Pokemon master. But I will beat that gym if you want me too!" Steven Said. "Okay! Bye!" Mr. Stone Said. "Bye!"