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Pokemon Daria's Adventures: Icecold City Gym

by JC111414

JC111414 Icecold City is just right ahead with only one obstacle in the way for Daria.
I was walking until I was stopped by a young girl, about the same age as me. "Hey, wanna battle" She asked. "Sure" I said. "Go Nuzleaf use Razor Leaf" She said. "Go Electrike use Spark" I said. Nuzleaf fainted. "Go Gligar use Poison Fang" She said. Electrike fainted. "Poison Fang" She said. "Go Buneary use Dizzy Punch" I said. Buneary Fainted. "Go Treecko use Absorb" I said. Gligar fainted. "Go Glaceon, use Ice Shard" Treecko fainted. "Go Lairon use Rock Slide" I said. Lairon disobeyed and used Iron Head which missed, and Glaceon ended up winning. "I'm Irma" She finally said. "I'm Daria, I'm from Floaroma Town, is nice to meet you" I said. "I'm from Icecold City" I said. "Do you know Ines" I asked. "Yeah, she's my sister" Irma said. "Oh, she's your sister, and I lost to you, this is embarrassing" I said. "Maybe, were you suppose to win?" She asked. "No, but I wanted to beat you to show to your sister, Ines, I met you" I said. "Ok, I have to go, wanna come with me" She said. "Sure" I said. We made it to the city and found Kenta and Hugh leaving with their new shiny badges. "Do you know that guy with the yellow hat" Irma said "That's Kenta, he is selfish, I don't understand why" I said. "His cute" Irma said. "If you say so" I said. "Hey, don't tell him ok" Irma said. "I won't, but I'm going to challenge the gym leader here before leaving" I said. "Ok, you know her" She said. "Really" I said.
I made it to the gym and the leader was there. "Welcome to my gym. You must be Daria. I heard a lot about you." Ines said.
"It has been a long time." I said.
"Let's get this started, Go Glaceon."
"Go Electrike use spark"
Glaceon quickly fainted.
"Go Snorunt use Icycle Spear" Electrike fainted.
"Go Buneary use Low Kick." Snorunt fainted.
"Go Weavile use Dark Pulse." Buneary fainted.
Go Lairon use Rock Smash. Lairon ignored and use Iron Defense. Weavile kept attacking with Icy Wind. "Lairon, use Earthquake" Lairon ignored and used Iron Head and defeated Weavile. Ines then rewarded the badge to Daria who went to the pokemon center.