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I Maid it Canon

by Mr.RMA

Mr.RMA So... this is something stupid, but goddammit, ever since that new Pokemon reveal, it's been made quite clear what I must do, and so I did... for science... totally.
Arma, I need you to drop by the lab in Charms for a bit. Got something new cooking up here, think you’re gonna like it – Michael

So it was that the robotic duplicate had taken the portal back to that chaotic realm, understandably unnerved by just what Michael had built up for him this time as he sought out the nearest secret entrance that led to the laboratory Michael had salvaged from their deceased adversary. After all, Michael may have been a particularly high-ranking genius when in the proper mindset, but he was also an unstable one, no doubt about that, and whilst he knew his inventor would never do anything to hurt him, he also knew he’d never pass up an opportunity to mess around with him either, and with his intellectual side having lightened up slightly in the past year or so, there was no telling what sort of bizarre contraptions he had in store for him.

Finding one of the entrances within a shady alleyway, he entered the secret code to pull away the phony square of asphalt, jumping through the chute which led directly to a large circular sort of workspace with many halls going off into varying locations within Charms that all connected to this singular point, a massive monitor adorning the northernmost wall with all sorts of various files and prototypical sketches of inventions and experiments in various stages of development. Standing right at the center, labcoat draped over his usual casual attire to fit the illusion of being some sort of actual professional scientist, Michael stood there proudly beside a large rectangular sort of table, its contents draped over by a large white blanket.

“Hey Arma, good to know you still know the combination to this place! Don’t think I’ve ever actually asked you to drop by before,” Michael said in a cheerful sort of matter, clearly excited by the results of his most recent work.

“Well, my memory banks tend to keep most small details from escaping my mind when I most need them, Mike, a benefit over an organic brain in some respects I suppose,” RMA said in return with a shrug. “Hardly a pressing matter at the moment though. You summoned me to see something. I presume this here is what you wish for me to see?”

“Yep, though I probably ought‘a explain myself before showing you. See… It’s been made pretty plainly clear to both of us by now that there are a whole lot of worlds out there that have life on them, and not all of those places have the average sorta human like myself. Now of course, that’s usually not much of a problem, humanoids tend to be accepting enough unless there’s some real major speciesism or whatever plaguing the place, but, eventually we might come across a world that’s not so keen on human visits. Maybe they just don’t trust us, or maybe we just don’t exist there and it would be too jarring to reveal our existence, but, I feel it’d be nothing but beneficial to have an alternative sort of body in which you could inhabit, one not-so-human by design. Obviously it’d be easily interchangeable, and once the first transferal is complete you should be able to switch chassis on a whim,” Michael said, pacing about a little as if he were a professor in the midst of an important lecture.

“So you’ve crafted me an inhuman form then… It seems rather small from this concealed state,” RMA remarked as he stared at the table, attempting to make out something from the featureless extrusion.

“Yeah… I wasn’t sure if I got the size right, might need to work on a shrinking or growing sort of device later if it’s inaccurate. That’s for another time though, fact of the matter is it’s finished and ready for use at any time, so, I wanted to show the grand unveiling personally. You ready?” Michael asked, eager to continue.

“Sure Mike, go ahead,” RMA answered, eager to get it over with. At that the human pulled away the blanket to reveal a small metallic sort of creature with oblong red eyes, each with two large eyelash shaped pieces protruding from the top. Its head had a sort of gear-like shape to it with large bunny-like ears, and its torso was shaped much like a 17th century English dress of sorts. “…Michael… this is a Magiana, isn’t it?” RMA murmured, apparently a little too beside himself to say or do anything else.

“Oh, you heard of the reveal too? Great! Now I don’t have to explain it, all the quicker we can get this done,” Michael replied in joyful ignorance, perhaps intentionally.

“I think you still have some explaining to do one way or another…” RMA said, crossing his arms, a scowl visible even with the sunglasses covering his blank green eyes.

“What, don’t like the look of it? Not to worry, I figured out a way to make it suit you more,” Michael said as he pulled out a black fedora and sunglasses, along with a green tie, out of the table and placed them on the machine. “There you go, now we can tell it’s you!” he said as if that was just going to completely convince the robot that it was the greatest idea he’d come up with in ages.

“…It’s because it looks like a fucking maid, isn’t it?” RMA said, shaking his head. “I thought that absurdity was long since passed, but it appears you will simply not let that part of my reputation die... You don’t even know much of anything else beyond what the creature looks like and the name that could easily get localized into something else and yet you were still dead-set on building it just because it looks like a robot-maid…”

“Well I mean… It really does, Arma, and let’s face it, that’s you. Come on, I’ve modified it to do all sorts of cool things, probably could get it to do actual Pokemon-style moves once we figure out what the hell it can learn. Doesn’t the thought of having a Pokesona sound neat?” Michael asked, as if he actually needed to make some kind of hard sell when he knew RMA would come to terms with it on his own accord.

“I suppose it does… But hell if I know how this got so far out of hand…” RMA muttered, turning around and making his way back to the nearest exit.

“Wait, we gotta test it first!” Michael called out.

“Sorry, can’t hear you!” RMA shouted back before quickening his pace and dashing out of sight.

“He likes it, totally,” Michael murmured to himself under his breath with a smirk.
  1. Psycho Monkey
    Psycho Monkey
    What? RMAgikarp is evolving! RMAgikarp evolved into RMAgearna!
    Feb 15, 2016
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  2. Shiny Pyxis
    Shiny Pyxis
    I APPROVE SO HARD OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST please let me RP with a disgruntled robot maid someday
    Feb 13, 2016
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