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Hurtful Girlfriend: Hurtful Girlfriend: 1st Class(Part 1)

by Atlas Uxie

Atlas Uxie I was a bit behind, I know. I was getting ready for Super Bowl Sunday. Yet I managed to squeeze some Hatoful Boyfriend Bad Boys' Love.
Claudia turned around her head suddenly.
"Look away, Peyton. It will hurt you if you keep looking." Mrs. Granger spoke softly. My heart was expanding every time my eyes glanced at the blood-covered head, as if it will explode. I didn't even realize Timmy wasn't here because I was so late. Just great. Then, an ear-splitting sound erupted suddenly.
"Emergency alert! Emergency alert! The school has entered a state of emergency! All people in school find yourselves to the Gym!" The intercom blared, scaring the ever living lord out of everyone. Mrs. Granger, Claudia, and I made our way to the Gym, unaware of what was going on.
A hissing commotion greeted us when we entered the dark gym.
"Did you see that box?" A student asked.
"Yeah, you knew, too." Another replied.
"Well, the class pres opened it, and, apparently, there was an arm in ours."
"Gross! Ours had a whole leg." It seems that all the girls are worried, but not hysterical. Besides, it isn't like a girl's limbs were in them. Though, this is a little strange considering we had a drill last week. My train of thought was cut off when a melodious tune whistled through the gym, and the headmaster appeared on the Gym screen.
"It seems we have gathered with no panic. Wonderful." The headmaster announced, when she is TOTALLY wrong. "Unfortunately, there is a natural disaster outside, so it is recommended that we all stay inside. I repeat--" The transmission was cut off. The gym exploded in whispered accusations again. I flew off the handle after that event.
"Are you kidding me?! I...I'm investigating this. I've known Timmy forever, and his death is not an accident." I announced.
"Oh! Timmy is missing!" Heart cooed. I then realized that she was the only one listening to me, and I didn't take to account her pure nature until seeing her now.
"Heart..." I began. I couldn't earn the courage to explain Timmy to Heart. I would have a massive breakdown.
"Ugh, what do we do now?" Claudia asked, angered. She rolled her eyes over at me. "I heard your plan, and I'm coming with you."
I didn't know what to say.I was greatly flattered by the offer, though. "Alright, let's go get Timmy-" I then looked at the Gym doors that led to the track field. I clasped Claudia's hand and rushed outside to see the "disaster" eye to eye.