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Guide to writing!

by Skyy-chan

Skyy-chan Need help? Sitting there, at your ipad/laptop, not knowing what to write? Don't worry, I am here!
Don't just sit there, don't stare off into space, or bang your head against the desk. Trust me, it'll only make it worse. (Or give you a headache...) This happens to everyone. And, this is why this guide is here!

Sometimes, it's not to easy on here. More times then not, your writing about Pokemon. I mean, this is POKEcharms, after all, right? No. Pokemon don't have to be the main species in you work. Actually, you can have hardly any references to Pokemon.

Plot. It can take place in anywhere from inside an amoeba to the depths of outer space. (Okay well, not really.) It can have a plain, simple, feel or a depressing tone. Just think, or listen to music. Music always helps me.

Don't use incorrect words, such as 'u' for 'you', '2' for 'to', etc. It makes it hard for everyone to understand. Use the correct tense, don't say "She will and she did do the lawn, she's doing it right tomorrow." See? That sentence didn't even make sense. Why would anyone say that?!
Note: this was a quick guide.

Staff, if this breaks the rules or displeases you, just go ahead and take it down. I'm sorry if I caused any problems.