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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: Fourth Elimination (Vs. Melanie)

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel always liked Melanie since he place his eyes on her, the same happen to her. Now they both meet once again at Regional Championships, only to be a BF vs GF battle

Uriel has made it to Ever Grande Stadium, barely in time, as he struggles to win in the Fourth Elimination, against his Girlfriend!?...
"Welcome to the final battle of the Regioanl Championships" Brendan started. "It has been one week of challengers battling it off to reach the top, ME" Brendan continued. "We have on one side of the Stadium, The Unstoppable Kalosian, URIEL" Brendan said as I entered the Stadium with Monferno outside of its pokeball. "On the other side of the Stadium, we have the pretty lady of Verdel City, Girlfriend of the Unstoppable Kalosian, MELANIE" Brendan said as Melanie entered the Stadium with Braixen at her side as well. "This battle will have six pokeball for each trainer" Brendan said. "Ok" we both said. "GO Braixen, GO Monferno". Monferno use Flame Wheel, Braixen use Psychic. Monferno quickly got knockout. Return, GO Sharpedo use Aqua Jet. Sharpedo managed to hit and Braixen. Return, Aggron, Thunderbolt. Aggron went first and Sharpedo lost. Return, GO Cacturne, use Razor Leaf. Cacturne managed to beat Aggron. Return, GO Lopunny, use Dizzy Punch. Cacturne became confuse and punch itself. Lopunny High Jump Kick. Cacturne fainted. Return, GO Metagross use Hammer Arm. Metagross took down Lopunny. Return, GO Exploud use Perish Song. Perish Song made both Metagross and Exploud to faint. Return, GO Crawdaunt, Return, GO Heliolisk use Thundershock, Aqua Jet. Crawdaunt went first but wasn't very effective but Heliolisk managed to win. Return, go Manectric use Flamethrower. Heliolisk fainted. Return, Go Medicham, MEGA EVOLVE, Manectric, MEGA EVOLVE, Medicham use ICE PUNCH, Manectric use ICE FANG. Both moves hit hard but Medicham managed to saty strong and Uriel won. "Ladies and Gentlemen, we have our winner, THE UNSTOPPABLE KALOSIAN, URIEL" Brendan said. "He will fight me at the finals but first, Uriel you have a secret friend that wants to fight, Satoru Iwata passed away recently and they have made a clone in this story to battle you" Brendan said. "It will be an honor" I said...