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Five Nights at Freddy's 3: Echo: FNaF3 OC

by SmolLimon

SmolLimon IT'S ME
Full Name: Violet Kaai
Nickname: Violent Violet
Gender: female
Age: 18, 6 (FNaF3 flashback)
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: lime green
Race: Korean
Personality: When Violet was little, she used to be a very cheerful person, always seen with a smile on her face. The people she made friends with betrayed her and left her. It made Violet angry. So angry, she made her vow never to trust anyone ever again, which is why she is always cold and serious.
History: unknown
Status: alive
Species: human

Favorite Food: sushi
Favorite People: Jeremy, Mike, Purple Man 'Vincent', and Doll
Hates: the bossy Aya, Phone Guy, villains (especially Springtrap and the Phantom animatronics)
Favorite Color: lime green
Powers lightning bomb, strength, music, speed

Violet has short messy black hair that is always seen in messy pigtails, she also has bangs and tendrils. Her eyes are lime green but are covered with a grey shadow. Violet wears a black jacket with furry lime green trim at the collar and the sleeves, a lime green skirt, and black boots with lime green trimming. Violet also wears leggings. Violet formally lived in South Korea and now currently lives in New York, USA.
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