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TPA: Flashback Friends

by CloudLine64

CloudLine64 Chapter 2
"Yeah,what about me?"It was Taylor's enemy,Ray.Ray was once a good friend with Taylor,but something happened,
"Hey Ray!Wait up!"Taylor called out.Taylor into the cafeteria full of kids,Taylor ran to where Ray was.But just as he got close to Ray,a bully made him trip and spill his food and open milk carton on Ray's favorite shirt and pants.
"My clothes!"Ray shrieked,he did NOT like to get dirty,
"I-I-I'm so sorry Ray! I guess I tripped."
"You guess?! And sorry doesn't cut it! You and I are done!"Ray yelled so loudly everyone could hear.Before Taylor could say anything,Ray stormed out of the cafeteria.
"Hey!Where did you get that pokemon?!"
"From Professor Mahogany,dumbo."Ray scoffed as he walked away.
"Oh,and Taylor..."Taylor looked at Ray,
"Call me Black,your opponent."and he left.
"Yeah,Black like his soul."Taylor thought as he went in the laboratory,there Mahogany was being swallowed by a Muk,ew.
"Taylor,c-could you help me please?"Mahogany huffed as he struggled to get free from the grip of the Muk.Taylor went over and took a feather from a Pidgeotto from his backpack and started tickling the Muk. The Muk laughed and soon lost it's grip on the Professor,setting the goo-covered man free.
"Ugh...I better go wash up.But before that,I believe you would like to start your adventure,Taylor."Mahogany pulled out a bag with two pokeballs in it.
"Pick one to be your starter."Taylor looked through all of them,a Pedoican and a Torchee,Taylor liked the Torchee a lot,so he picked that one.
"A fire starter,good choice.Your mother,Casandra,also picked a Torchee.It then evolved into a Flabade."Mahogany explained,
"If you don't mind,I going to wash off."and he left.
"I chose a Detter,a water starter,and I want to see how powerful it is!Let's battle!"Black stepped out of the shadows and threw his pokemon,Taylor threw his.
"I'll beat you any day I've got!"
"Bring it on,Ash copy!"and the battle began.
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  1. lilonegia
    I like it! Cute!
    Sep 1, 2014
  2. AzureEdge
    Ash copy. That has to burn. Hopefully black has a burn heal.
    Aug 27, 2014
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