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Flash vs Sonic the Hedgehog

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Sonic the Hedgehog vs Flash
Sonic ran through Green Hill Zone, hills, ramps, trees, water and…..Big? Anyhow, a regular day. That IS until he saw Tails flying through the air, bleeding. Sonic dashed back and caught his best friend. “T-Tails? You okay, buddy?” Sonic said. Tails groaned, bleeding. “Someone……He entered this place and Knuckles attacked him…but…..Knuckles lost, died…..I tried avenging him but….hurgh…..” Tails explained. Sonic’s face lit up red with anger. He laid Tails down then zoomed away. Meanwhile, the Flash had just finished beating up a pink hedgehog, who tried killing him for beating up a red echidna. He easily beat her and slammed her into a tree. Suddenly, he was punched in the face and saw Sonic glaring at him. “Who are you?” Flash asked. Sonic just glared and dashed again. Flash shrugged, then dashed at the blue blur. Flash and Sonic collided fists, then feet, then Sonic grabbed Sonic’s head and tossed the hedgehog away. Sonic growled and began Spin Dashing. He launched at the DC Hero, who dodged simply and his fist sparked with lightning, then hit Sonic. Sonic grunted and tried hitting Flash, but he was too fast. Flash began comboing the hedgehog faster than the eye could see, then spun around fast, kicking and punching his rival. Sonic was knocked away, and groaned. He then became surrounded in the 7 Chaos Emeralds and shouted out in power. Flash’s eyes widened as he saw Super Sonic flying right at him. Flash created a tornado with his hands and shot it at the hedgehog. Super Sonic flew at it and...Absorbed it? Sonic punched Flash in the face, then kicked him in the chest. Flash grunted, but punched Super Sonic in the face. Sonic backed up and growled. He flew up and shouted out an attack. “CHAOS BLAST!” Sonic shouted, and shot a red giant blast. Flash ran fast for a few seconds, then sent an electrical shock to counter it. The hedgehog’s attack, however, won through and Flash was knocked down. Flash jumped up and ran at high speeds. Super Sonic looked around, confused. He was then punched so hard he lost his super form and fell down. Flash huffed, then sat down. It was too early to relax though, and he saw a dark aura come out of where Sonic landed. Standing there was Dark Sonic. Flash’s widened, and was blasted by a black Chaos Blast. Flash groaned, and was repeatedly punched and kicked until he started bleeding. Flash stood up, weakly, but knew how to finish it. Flash started disappearing, then ran at Light Speed. Dark Sonic looked around, angrily. He was then grabbed in the neck and began choking. Flash then ran at speeds so high, he went into the speed force. Dark Sonic screamed, and then became regular Sonic again. Saw the air around him burning up, and then put Sonic in front of him. Sonic screamed as his body was burned up from all the pressure. Flash then stopped and skidded out of the speed force. Flash looked around and realised he was in Los Vegas. “Well…….Lets play some poker!” Barry Allen announced.
This fight’s winner is:
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