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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: Fall Town Battle (Rock Gym)

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel, Sasha, Gabriel, Mark, and Melanie are off to each challenge the gym in Fall Town. What will happens it all depends on themselves...
"Magmar use Flame Charge" Mark said ending the battle
"Sandshrew use Dig" Gabriel said ending the battle
"Eevee use Quick Attack" Sasha said ending the battle
"Manectric use Discharge" Melanie said ending the battle
The all had badges and it was my turn to get my own badge. "Hello there, and Welcome to Fall Town's Gym, I'm Raph, and I'm the rock type gym leader, a pleasure to meet you" he said. "I'm here for a badge" I said. "Sure, why not, Go Nosepass, Go Medicham". "Nosepass Rock Tomb, Medicham use Fire Punch. Medicham's attack wasn't very effective but neither was Nosepass attacks. Medicham return, Go Cacturne use Razor Leaf. Cacturne ended the battle. Return, Go Cranidos use Dragon Pulse. Cranidos managed to beat up Cacturne. "Return, Go Medicham, use Psychic". Medicham managed to beat off Cranidos. Return, Go Boldore use Magnitude. Boldore almost knockout out Medicham. Medicham use Ice Punch. Medicham's Ice Punch managed to pull it off and win Uriel the badge. "YES" I said. "I won". "You sure did, here take this badge" he said giving me the Fall Badge. "Thanks, see ya" I said heading to the pokemon center then off to the entrance of the town when it was late evening and I saw Melanie there. "I was waiting for you" she said. "Why" I asked. "Just wanted to say bye for now" she said and kiss me on the cheek, and I couldn't help but blush a little, that she barely noticed, or so I thought. "Bye" I said. I soon decided to leave to the next town in my map to continue my journey on to Lava Town...